mental illness

Rejection sucks.

This is an excellent article about the physiological and psychological effects of rejection. Evolutionary psychology tells us that in earlier civilization social rejection meant death, due to inability to physically survive in the environment alone.
We still carry this fight or flight response in our subconscious brain that sends chemicals to alert us of threat and danger, when we experience social rejection and rejection from a romantic partner.

This article goes into beautiful detail and description of the reasons for experiencing physical pain, in addition to painful emotions after a romatic partner break-up.

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Rejection can actually be extremely painful and traumatic.  This is a great article that explains why it’s so difficult to move on from.  I believe that it was the rejection I felt that made getting over my ex so difficult.  Not because he was so perfect or wonderful, but because I had never before felt so rejected or abandoned by someone who supposedly loved me.  It took me over a year to move on and finally let go of that love. Thankfully he doesn’t read my blog anymore.  He would read some of the articles about narcissism and cry. Apparently, truth and honesty don’t mix well with a fake, delusional and dysfunctional life.  He’d rather pretend and lie to himself.  After a lifetime of self-delusion and abuse?  It’s all he knows and, most likely, all he will ever know.  That is completely his choice.  But to allow her selfish behavior and malignant narcissism to…

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