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Coaching for Narcissistic Abuse Facebook page

The gentlekindness coaching facebook page is beginning to get more follows. This past week has been better because I ran a” Boost Post” ad for the page. I am not quite sure yet if it will turn out to be something I will pay for again, but so far it seems to be drawing new followers. 

Stop by the page and take a look HERE


2 thoughts on “Coaching for Narcissistic Abuse Facebook page”

  1. The boosting thing is strange and I am still learning how i works.But this is what has happened so far…
    I chose a max amount of money for the ad
    I chose the particular post to boost’
    The ad is running for 2 weeks
    I get notifications daily about how many people have seen it and how many new likes were from those people
    Then it tells me how much of the 50 dollars has been spent each day
    So far it seems like there are 2 likes on my page for every dollar I have spent, so I guess that seems good.
    Right now it says I have spent like 33 of the 50.


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