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Scapegoating – Narcissistic Family and Holidays

10 thoughts on “Scapegoating – Narcissistic Family and Holidays”

    1. Thank you watching the videos. yes, I agree that it would be easier and more peaceful not to have to deal with these people.
      But I still have a 13 year old who wants to see her grandparents and cousins, so I take her.
      I did not want to mention my relationship to the people in the video, in case it would identify them.
      They are the grandparents of my kids. So I am somewhat stuck with them for a few more years, unless I move away…which is very tempting.



    1. Yes I really mean that. We need to make our own families. There are plenty of people who are genuine and want to be reasonable with others, who are also dealing with unreasonable families, They would be happy to be a family with someone more like them, as far as accepting others for who they are, and “playing nice” with others. 🙂

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  1. It’s amazing how identical narcissists act. Just listening to you talk about how you tried to pinpoint them to a time but they wouldn’t respond, made me feel taxed. I’ve been in similar situations like that and there’s not a lot you can do because you are truly in the dark about what’s really going on. They know you want to/have a relationship with your niece and nephew and they want to destroy that connection, especially if that person chooses you over them. They will even try to turn your own kids against you. You seem to do okay with them, recognizing I’m sure it helps to have an in depth understanding narcissistic personalities.

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    1. I try ti avoid them as best as I can, but it is not always possible because of he situation, If it were not for my kids I would have disconnected with my ex inlaws years ago, But they are still the grandparents of my daughters and it matters to them.
      Thank you for your kindness and for validating that experience with trying to pin them down about coordinating the schedule. This is how they always are. They never give me the right time. Often they will tell me one time and then call me early and expect to me drop what I am doing and jump.


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