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Sunshine is Good for Depression

Getting some sunshine can help with your mood. There are vitamins, such as vitamin D, that do not process properly in the body without sunlight on the skin.

Low vitamin D can cause depression or make it worse. With low levels of vitamin D you will feel fatigued and even dizzy.

You need some sun for at least 15 or 20 minutes on your face and arms. It is beautiful in New Jersey today. If it is sunny where you live, see if you can sit in the sun or go for a short walk today.

Remember to uncover your arms and allow the sun to contact your skin. You don’t need to stay out long enough to burn….just long enough to feel the sun on your skin.

While you are in the sun, just focus on the warmth and energy from the rays on your skin. Allow other thoughts to come and go, just oberving them as if you are watching a movie.

Be mindful of the sensations the sun is bringing you. Notice other things in the environment and how they are affecting your senses.

This mindfulness will help you to detach from any anxiety or depression for a little while , and help to re-wire some of your learned thought patterns.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine is Good for Depression”

  1. Winter blues are the worse! It is no coincidence people are generally happy once the sun is out and the temperatures are warm; it’s all in the vitamins.


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