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All the Comforts of Mom ?

From time to time, I look up a random topic of interest to me, just to learn something and also to see if it is something I might want to write about. As I was doing this tonight, I came upon this diagram, which I thought might make some interesting discussion is the comments section of this post.

I was researching  “transitional objects” which are objects that children have in order to help them transition to being away from the comfort of their mother. This diagram is supposed to symbolize how the object helps the child transition from the comfort of a loving mother, to self comforting with an an object like a teddy bear.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find this image of the mother less than comforting? 

Oh my God, I think if this was the mother I would need a comfort object just to be around her !

She looks psychotic and creepy to me. Isn’t it weird that of all the drawings they could have made for the comforting mother, that they made this one?

Is it just me, or is this picture disturbing ? She looks like she might eat the baby for dinner…

I wonder what this artist’s idea of “mother” really is?  I assume this drawing was made particularly for this diagram and that the face was supposed to depict “comforting.” 

Very weird…

Hopefully this poor baby’s teddy bear has a more comforting face than his mother does.

transitional objects

image from Wikipedia – link HERE

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