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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Trauma during childhood and teenage years leaves fractured pieces of yourself, existing  in time. As you begin to accept those child parts that feel abandoned, you will begin to realize that time is not as linear as we have been programmed to perceive it. 


All of those parts of you exists now. You can reach out to them and bring them into yourself to integrate those fractured parts, so they do not feel rejected and abandoned. 
This will help you to be more in the present, so that you can think more clearly and see what you want and what you can do with your life. 
C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is caused by being in on-going emotional / mental abuse from people that you feel entrapped with. There is no way to leave the situation, when you are a child and you are stuck in whatever situations your parents put you into. 

Emotional abuse and other kinds of abuse cause emotional wounds.


These emotional wounds are not able to heal while you are still in the abusive situations. Usually children are so used to the way they are living that there is no real frame of reference to know that you are being abused, or the degree to which the abuse is. 


Wounded children feel abandoned in time, and there is no proper integration of these child parts into the whole. It is like there is still a wounded child inside of you that is waiting for someone to rescue them. Doing inner child work can help the fractured parts to become integrated. 


If you have C-PTSD from childhood trauma, abuse, or chaotic events, your may have fractures and wounds in your subconscious. This can cause depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and other kinds of mental illness.


The feeling that you do not belong anywhere and that you are out of place can come from the fractured child parts feeling abandoned. They need to be accepted and nurtured. 


I am working on some hypnosis audios for healing the wounded child and helping the fractured parts to integrate. If you want to get updates about the audios, feel free to follow the Facebook Page, or to sign up on the contact page at the Gentlekindness coaching web site. 


7 thoughts on “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

  1. This was a really interesting post. I’ve never heard of C-PTSD. Is this form of PTSD something that only shows up from childhood abuse, or is it a matter of entrapment/abuse regardless of age? I had an ex that was horrible, cut me off from everyone, and extremely abusive. Not that things ticked quite right in my head before her, but it’s certainly been more off kilter since I escaped 5 years ago.
    Anyway… Off topic I guess, but I’m intrigued in understanding if this only happens from childhood suffering.
    Thank you for writing this and have a beautiful day sunshine ^.^

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    1. Actually you can get C-PTSD from any ongoing abuse / entrapment situation. If you had no reasonable, safe way out of the situation then you were essentially stuck there for any number of reasons.

      Women living with abusive partners,
      often get trapped financially, safety wise because they or their children are under threat, or they are fatigued and cannot leave.

      The abuser intentionally causes isolation, and sleep deprivation, to further enforce your entrapment. They cut off any resources you have and then they cut off your means to get more resources…your self confidence, your self esteem, your emotional health, mental health and physical health.

      I am am not home at my laptop right now but I can send you some more links that might be helpful. You can also contact me at the gentlekinesscoaching web site and add your email to the contact page.

      Thank you for reading,

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      1. One of the biggest things for me still is people standing in door ways. I was isolated as a whole, but I also wasn’t allowed to leave, especially when things got tense. If we were fighting, she would block any exits I had, and if that wasn’t working she would just hold me down for however long it took for me to break…
        I was asking because so many of the things that you were writing about this just rang way too close to my own experiences and my own problems after escaping her.


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