#narcissism, #narcissistic abuse, mental illness

Pretend Reality

This is an older poem of mine. Someone pointed it out to me today and reminded me about it, so I thought I would share it now. It was last posted here in 2015.


Pretend Reality


You left your voice playing in my head

You left a part of yourself in my brain

What was your purpose in leaving it?

 Was it all part of your plan to search and destroy?

Get in as close as possible and then

Reprogram the other person’s brain 

So that they

 Believe in your pretend love and grandiose illusion

 and trust in intimacy that is laced with lies

Give them the illusion that they can trust you

When all the while you are leading a double life?

You needed me and then suddenly you were gone

Told me you loved me

then hung up the phone you moved on

How long had you been setting up your new prey…

While you strung me along like a play thing?

What is there left of your soul?

Or did you lose track of it very long ago?

Without your gracing me with goodbye… I’ll never know

Without any closure from you…These thoughts will forever twist my mind 

But you already knew that

 before we started to play

Your game of reality confusion

And you knew I would still love the one

You pretended to be

The one that you made just for me…

While I would despise the one

that took him away

When you were done using me as a game piece

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