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Mr. Lucifer

devil with woman art source pinterest


You reached into the flames

That were tearing my flesh

Burning me alive

I did not stop to wonder why

The flames had no effect

on your skin as you reached in

And joined me deep within

You said you had been choking

Suffocating …on the smoke

From your own inner hell

All alone…And now

We could hold hands

And join souls

in that fiery hell

Ruled by the morally insane…

Truth be told. I wanted you there

because if it made you feel  less alone

I would feel saved…

I never suspected

that the blazing black pit

Of brimstone was being stoked

Ever higher as the hot gas

Exploded into screams

Because after all

You recognized the nature

Of the flames


Darkness within the billowing smoke

Filling my lungs with ash

Formed from my buring flesh

I never suspected who you were

Even as I watched you

Expertly move about the fire

With a soul-less smile

that fueled the flames higher

3 thoughts on “Mr. Lucifer”

    1. Yes there is darkness and there are dark people. But I think it has always been that way, And the existence of dark workers has been tried to be revealed to people by poets, story tellers, and others, for many years,,but most people miss the messages

      Knowing the evil exists is critical to survival but we also need to be able to get away from dwelling on it …lest it make us insane ir unable to leave the house.

      It is about balance and being able to be authentic but not to reveal too much that would make us vulnerable until we really know someone well.


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