Daisy in the Willows

So, TOP-SHOP are in the firing line for selling ‘self harm’ accessories. I got a an email imploring me to sign a petition  to get this  negative ‘normalising’ of self harm behaviour  to be taken off the shelves. CLICK ON FOR DETAILS OF THE PETITION

What do I do? Sign it? I can’t – I know self harming can be horrific to see and disturbing to a person who doesn’t self harm by cutting themselves. Poor mental health is gory and makes people feel uncomfortable about talking about it. People are going to self harm whether Top shop or any other brand supposedly ‘glorifies’ self harm in the name of fashion whilst earning lots of KA-CHING in the process.  I understand the concern that people may have. Look at what fashion has done to the way we view body image. We can blame fashion and the media but the…

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