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Darkness Slithers – Dark Poetry

snake 2


Darkness slides under the door

When the lights turn down

And the sun sinks far below

Familiar black form

Rises and floats

Disappears for a moment

Grey puffs of smoke

It’s presence ever felt

The creature

Suffocates and strangles

Crawls up the walls

Parades across the ceiling

Darting about and mocking

Bringing up fear like vomit

Draining your blood till you’re cold

Cursing  your heart

back into it’s fold

Beckoning like sirens that

Sing in the deep

Follows you into

That vulnerable sleep

image from pinterest – HERE

9 thoughts on “Darkness Slithers – Dark Poetry”

    1. Thank you. I have a history of being in situations where I felt I was vulnerable in my sleep when I was living with abusive partners.
      I used to sleep during the day and stay up at night during one of those relationships. after it had progressed to abuse.
      I slept on the sofa near the window, during the day. where it was open to people to see inside. So that he would not feel as confident to hit me in my sleep, as if I were hidden in the dark.


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