Psychopath Stories Number One

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse


This is a fictional story but each and every one of the abuses that occur in this story were taken from real life. Some of them happened to me. Others were from clients that have told me their story. 


I have combined these typical kinds of abuse, to make a realistic story about someone who is living with an abuser, and what their daily life is like.


There are many victims of predatorial beings that experience this kind of day…..month after month…..even year after year. These victims live in the shadows of a dominating partner, who appears as a normal person to people outside of the relationship. 


Their stories go untold. Their cries go unheard. They live in fear to expose the abuser, for fear of retaliation. 


Once they believed they were in love with their captor. This was before they realized they were a…

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