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Question and Answer : Annie Mimi Hall YouTube Channel


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Frequently Asked Questions


What made you start this channel? 

I originally began this channel simply as a way to heal from the abusive relationships I had been in. I was newly out of an abusive relationship and was suffering severe narcissistic abuse syndrome and PTSD from abuse. The videos were originally a way of making a journal and maintaining my reality about what happened. 

How has the channel evolved over time ?

The channel has evolved into a life coaching channel for helping other victims and survivors of abuse, to get their self esteem , their self confidence and their motivation for living back, Also to help them identify reasons they were targeted and why they were drawn into a relationship with a toxic person, and how to avoid it happening again.

How do you interact with your followers?

I try to respond to comments every few days. I go back through and make an effort not to miss any comments from follower of the channel. I try to respond to questions to best of my ability, which includes giving links to resources and sometimes videos by other youtubers who specialize in the topics the person may be asking me about. 

What are your Future Goals for the channel?

I enjoy doing this channel and I plan to continue. I would like to expand by adding some interviews with youtubers, survivors of abuse, life coaching, and other appropriate people that I feel my followers would ind relevant and interesting. 



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