mental illness


colors painted woman                                                             image from pinterest


Self expression



Sculpting a creative work

That is truly your own

Whether it be art or music

Poetry or fiction

A new yoga posture to share

Decorating a lampshade

Or painting an old chair

Imagination, creativity and discovery

Can counter the darkness….


black nails                                           image from pinterest


Of the Soul-less ones

Who can merely mimic others


Emulate emotions they do not feel

And injure others for their own gain

They are shadows walking the earth

Hollow except for darkness…

having contempt for those

with authentic minds

and empathic hearts…

Those practitioners of darkness


that walk the earth in pretense…

Merely to mimic and exploit

To sadistically seduce

In order to drink the pure energies

Of the empaths and the artists

The vulnerable and the passionate


black ghost.jpg


The hollow ones 

Wandering from one victim to the next…

Leaving destruction in their wake

like an insane rogue villain

The fog if darkness left on your door step

Then on to ring the next door bell

Wash, rinse, repeat



image from pinterest here 


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