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Create Your Path with Wisdom and Thoughtfulness




Weaving our way down the paths we choose

Creating the each foot step simultaneously

with placing our toes exactly in pre-made impressions

An illusion that others have as much influence

Over which way we go, as it seems to us at the time

Travelling without taking enough time to just be still

To connect with our soul and our inner wisdom

Controlled by the false beliefs we hold

Influenced by thoughts we don’t even know are driving us

Feelings that come up without our control

Rarely taking the time to find out what we are actually feeling

Underneath the current of what we are supposed to feel

Actually coming from or why they always come up

At certain times. and in certain scenarios

We must stop and just feel the energies about us

Find the strength to go the direction that we really want to go

The way that serves us, supports us

Allows us to spread our own wings

And protects us from harm



image from Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Create Your Path with Wisdom and Thoughtfulness”

  1. A beautiful poem. I especially like and appreciate this:
    “Find the strength to go the direction that we really want to go

    The way that serves us, supports us”

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  2. Been with live in boyfriend for 12 years got pregnant then decided to buy a house (under my name only he didn’t have stable job) Had baby boy and two years were good but Iet go my career to be fulltime mom and he started being breadwinner. Pressure of that would get to him and we would get distant also all my attention would go to our baby and he felt left out. The past three months have been the most traumatizing in my life. We went to vegas on a couples trip and his drinking got out of control he started a bar fight I got in the way and got punched in the face. I had to go to emergency room all the while caring for him while he was drunk in lobby. When we got back home I week later i found out I was pregnant. I told him and he seems okay with it but not to excited. I went to get checked out then they said no heartbeat and to wait a week maybe things will change I told this to him he grew distant from me and disappearing at night saying he need space. I thought he was just sad about the situation. Then one night when he was “taking space” I was alone with my son at home it was 2am and i started hemorrhaging out a lot of clots i started getting lightheaded and called him to come and help me as i was having miscarriage. He answered the phone then said to not exaggerate and that he just got to the pier and what an inconvenience this was. I had no one in town i called his mom and dad to come and help. they came and i couldnt stand up anymore i was alone with my son hemorrhaging out. He got home and we went ot the the emergency room. Fully miscarried there and he called my sister to be with me and went home with my son to relive his parents. My sister took me home. He was there but said he couldnt stay to help since he had to go to work. My sister stayed ahile and i fell asleep. He got home late and the next few weeks he grew increasingly distant and disappered the night. He kept saying he needed space. One night he got in the shower and i told him i was feeling depressed of everything that happened to me if he could stay home he said- no we need a break and walked out. Soon after that i started checking him phone bill and saw there was a number he kept calling and he said it was his workers number. Then I went to the doctor for a follow up and came home sad and asked for a hug he said “do you deserve a hug” then said he was working late and not to bother him. he came back in the morning and was drunk. i asked to explain he said we are not together get it. I was puzzled just like that i was dropped. He left to drop off his workers then came back with flowers he said he just had a bad night and got drunk i forgave. then he kept on testing that one number and late night texting and late night coming home. I called the number and a girl answered and said she didn’t know him and hung up. I found a picture of a girl on his phone and asked him who it was he quickly took phone from me and said it was an old friend and erased it. I looked up the number online to see who it belongs to and he said a girls name and i confronted him who it was he said he didnt know. only let me rant and speak to see how much i knew. I texted the number and the girl told me she was under the impression he lived alone and we were seprated i told her about how we own and live together with our son. I told him to separate and to leave and he went to live with his parent and acted like the victim to then on how i ignore him and not supportive. I was and am being portrayed as the bitter ex. His mom does not believe there is someone else involved no matter the evidence i show her and she obviously is happy her son is back home also since his business is doing very well and now helps then out financially. I since then have been caring for my 2 year old fulltime as always and he does help out with house bills for now but uses my property as a storage for his business. Meanwhile goes out on dates and sleeps with women at hotels. I have asked him to get all his things out of my property by the 30th and he slowly moving things out. Then when he sees me sad he says he will take our baby since im to sad to care for him. then says how i dont take care of myself how ive let myself go and that having sex with me is gross. He made it clear that if he removes everything from my property and not use it as a storage place he will stop paying mortgage and bills. I told him that is an obvious step when people split but we need to talk it out like adult on the transition he refuses. He earned 130,000 last year and owns 6 cars. The car i am driving is his and always threaten to take it away if i dont tolerate the situation. Menwhile the other girl called me saying she was wring for talking to him while he was in a realtionship but that when she wanted to end the friendship with him she reached out to me to tell me she would he;p me get full custody of our son because she will be placing a restraining order on him since he has gone to her job and even her fiances home to harass them. I couldn’t believe it but she should me text and voice mails from him. She went on to say that he had other girls he was with we weren’t the only fools out there. Since my son was born i have cared for him fulltime he not even once changed a diaper im sacred if i go get child support or custody he will get 50/50 and i just cant be away form my son. I have no money for lawyer the cash he provides 500 month i have to save receipts for and show him what i spend it on and only for my son. He boast around town how he pays my bills and that hes a good father. I am truly lost. One night he did come back and said for us to try it again and i accepted. then in the morning he got a text and said he wasn’t sure of coming back and left again. I am trul truly alone an lost have no money and just scared my son will be taken away.


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