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Can Darkworkers Be Nice People?

Spiritual Mastery

It is said, falsely, that the devil is a gentleman. What could be said, truthfully, is that the devil knows how to behave himself in polite company, and can even be very interesting and fun to spend some time with.

Spiritual People often confuse being a nice person with being a Lightworker, and, conversely, often confuse being a bit abrasive with being a Darkworker. The two have nothing to do with one another.

Being nice means doing things that are societally acceptable. Some of the “nicest” people I have known have also been responsible for great evil. Keep in mind that my circles have included some top political figures and Fortune 500 CEOs and Board Members. Petty evil is done by petty people. Great evil is done by great people. Real evil is not done by some Bond villain in a laboratory laughing maniacally. It is done by people in…

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