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The Icy Stare of Your Abuser

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

The “blank stare” of the narcissist is agreeable disconcerting and creepy.  It is like you are being looked at but they are not really looking at you as a real person.

These eyes are looking in the direction of your face and yet those sinister eyes are not focusing on you. The narcissist is looking to find themselves in that river of water like Narcissus in the original Greek mythology.

They are thinking only of themselves as you stand before them, attempting to convey something that they vaguely recognize as human emotion.

If you are angry, they will hit every possible painful button you have, in order to elicit more anger from you.

They are aware that the anger hurts you and they drink it like a drug.

If it is sadness that you are laying before them in some last ditch effort to drag some semblance of humanity out…

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4 thoughts on “The Icy Stare of Your Abuser”

    1. Yes I think that victims see it out of the corner of their eye sometimes but just dismiss it as paranoia.

      But when you actually look right at it, there is definitely a feeling of dread and your fight or flight mode alerts you if danger.

      Once they are looking at you this way, you are already in danger.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Stop by my YouTube channel for more information and a support community for survivors.

      Annie Mimi Hall YouTube channel
      And the web site to find more info or to schedule a phone coaching session with me.


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