Rainbows in Oak Ridge


Since I have lived in Oak Ridge, TN , I have never seen any rainbows. I saw many big beautiful ones, when I lived in New Jersey, and I was used to looking for the rainbow, on days when it was sunny but drizzling. There would always be one.

Years ago, I lived in Monteray , CA, and rainbows were a regular thing there. Although, those rainbows were different from New Jersey rainbows. In New Jersey the rainbows were always huge and went across the entire skyline. These were similar to the Maryland rainbows, which is where I grew up.

In Monteray, CA, the rainbows were smaller but more vividly colored.  It was not unusual to see multiple rainbows,  in all directions, on a misty day in Monteray.

But since I have lived in TN, I have never seen one,  until the other day. I was able to get some nice shots. Enjoy !