Lovely Blues and Greens with Pink

Photo taken at sunset, in Rockaway New Jersey.

Color editing and enhancement expressing the mood.

Some Artsy Fun with Your Earrings !

Here is a fun idea for keeping your earrings from getting lost or broken. These are pictures of the little lamp in my room. I hang my earrings on the lamp shade. They make the lamp look cool and beautiful. And when I need to find a pair, they are right there and I just have to grab them and go !

earrings close nice

earrings close 2

earrings 2


earrings spoone

Artwork by my Daughter

design edited blue


Mindfulness Seeing Beauty

clouds 5


Indoors Looking Out – Photography

window sunset


window sunset 3

window sunset pretty




Ledgewood New Jersey

ledgewoodledgewood 2ledgewood 3

Wharton Lake

whart lawhar lake

whar lake 3whar la

Clouds Like Cotton in the Sky

clouds 3


Near to the Last Pictures of Green …Soon the Leaves Will Turn More Colors


trees sunlightsun tree 3

trees slanted

brooktrees high

stormy skystorm drving 2

park trees lake rocks

Thoughts on Coloring Between the Lines



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