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What is the Meaning of Blogging?



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I had to take a break from blogging for a few weeks, due to needing to deal with a financial emergency. I have managed to begin to recover the situation now, and I am glad to be back here to say hello to all of you. 



I missed the connection with all of my lovely followers, and the gentle clicking of the laptop keys as I watch the words flow out as if they have a mind of their own.


Words can have magic and power. They have the power to inspire and uplift. And they have the power to destroy and crush.




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Some people wield words to brag and give the impression of importance in the grand story of their lives.


Others use words to manipulate and to lure unsuspecting victims to their demise.


 Still others, simply seek to reach out for that elusive human connection, and to convey compassion and deep meaning to the readers. 


And some writers seek to entertain, to delight and bring laughter and inspiration to their readers.


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While others see writing as therapy and a way to discover and express the thoughts both hidden and exposed. 


No matter what, words are a tool that are used by each person in their own unique way. We are all connected in the universe and part of a greater humanity.


The feelings and experiences of one person, can be felt and related to …by someone on the other side of the world.


Blogging is a way for us to hang onto our humanity, in a world that continues to get more technical and where people spend more time staring at screens than they do into the eyes and faces of other people.


 What are  the things that matter the most to all of us? What are the questions and the puzzles that we seek to solve?  


What are the emotions and thoughts that arise from the farthest reaches of our subconscious, when we lay in bed at night? 


Let’s see what you have to say.


Write your thoughts and feelings down. See them flow out from your fingertips and onto the laptop screen. 


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Whether you be new to blogging, or a seasoned practitioner… your voice is needed by someone who is waiting to read just the very words you are about to write.


There is a heart and a mind that is needing to hear just the very thing that you are about to type. So get blogging and keep those thoughts flowing !

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Versatile Blogger Award

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Thank you to Peace from Panic for this award nomination.

My Nominees…


Life and Death in the Intertidal Zone

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My Nominees may choose from the several badges I have posted here. They are all different versions of the Versatile Blogger Award badge that I have come across over time. Some people like certain colors and designs , so I thought I would share the choices here. Just copy and paste to your blog. 

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The rules:
Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to his or her blog.
•Select fifteen (15) blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered and/or follow regularly. (Choose blogs you find excellent!)
•Nominate those fifteen (15) bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, including a link to the original VBA site.
•Notify your nominations!
•Finally, don’t forget to tell the person who nominated you seven (7) things about yourself.


Seven Facts About Myself

  1. I was born in Germany but I am not German
  2. My grandmother on my father’s side was Polish and her parents came to the US from Poland
  3. I have 4 sisters of which I am the oldest
  4. I was a music major in college – guitar and voice
  5. I used to play in local rock bands and played solo at restaurants and bars
  6. I love Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and ZZ Top
  7. My bunny sleeps in a cage next to my bed to keep me company and hops around my room when I let him out….actually when he rings his bell for me to let him out !



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Quote Day for Three Days Challenge “It is better to Have Loved and Lost…”

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”   Alfred Lord Tennyson

aww so sweet …

This is my second day of the quote challenge. I am to choose a quote and write a post about it. I have chosen the above quote and here is my offering…

It is better to have loved and lost,  than never to have loved at all

It is better to have stabbed your fork into your eye, than never have owned utensils

It is better to have had your leg chewed off by a cougar, than never to have owned a pet at all

It is better to have fallen off of the mountain, than never to have climbed at all

It is better to have lived in a mansion and then become homeless, than never to have lived indoors at all

It is better to be run over by a car, than to never have walked at all

It is better to have shoved your hand into the garbage disposal and had it chopped into little bits, than to never have had a garbage disposal  at all

It is better to have climbed up to your roof and fallen off,  than never to have owned a house at all

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Incorrect Autocorrect

This just happened  to me.

I had just finished  writing  the “Top ten List”  post.

I was typing in key words for the tags and categories.

I typed….”top ten lists”

My cell phone autocorrect changed top ten lists to…. “top ten lusts”

I guess the phone is now wanting to give me ideas for a new blog post!

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Motivating Giraffes

I wanted to share this blog with you. It is by the author of


by Penny Redshaw

I just found this blog recently. I love these little cartoons and many of them hit home with me. This is also an inspiration for those of us, who want to be writers, or who have an idea for a small business. If you have a unique idea, that has the people you want to serve in mind, then you can do it !



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3:46 am Time for all Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep

Well it is time. I am tired now. I had terrible pain from the arthritis today. There were points where it was a little less than horrible, when the meds kicked in and then it would come back worse each time, It was very hard to get through work.

I came home and I read a blog I came across about suicide. The person was planning their suicide and posting their near to last post. Lots of compassionate bloggers reached out to this person. I read through so many comments by various bloggers who were each reaching out to this person , in their own way.

By the end of the page of comments, the person felt enveloped by all these strangers who took time to talk to talk back and forth with them. They decided to get help for their depression and they are still posting weeks later.

I felt very proud of all the bloggers that reached out to this person.

I was inspired to write a blog about suicide and see where it lead. I thought doing research would be good for me anyway, because it  tends to take my mind off the chronic pain.

I ended up spending about an hour and a half doing research on suicide and suicide prevention. Also on survivors of suicide. I took another 45 minutes or so writing the post.

People started reblogging it within 5 minutes of my posting it. I felt very good that I had done a small part to help to create awareness of this problem.

I had also been able to distract myself from my own pain.

I liked it that in thinking of others, I was able to take the focus of my brain off of my own pain and torment. I think there is a positive energy that comes from connecting with others and that positive energy is healing to both sides.

I will see you all tomorrow. My head and neck need to rest on the pillow now.