It Was Just the Caress of the Breeze


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I felt the gentle caress of

your hand against my cheek

And then I realized

it was just the playful breeze…

I heard the familiar sound

of your voice in my head

But then I realized…

You were miles away and

I no longer had to

  listen to you lie

breeze 2

image from Pinerest credit here 

Letting Go

Wind  swept hair… still wet from the ocean waves

Her long legs catching sand 

which the breeze is blowing gently onto her skin 

She inhales a deep breath of the clean beach air 

Smelling the salt and the listening to the sounds of the ocean

Still marked with bruises from someone who thought she deserved them

She gently touches her wrist and can tell

That is was healing now 

From the peace of her freedom and her new found self love

Her breath is easy and free in a way she hardly remembers breathing

Sensation of solitude as the morning sun rises over the ocean waves

These would be only waves she would want to have anymore

The sound of his yelling was becoming like a dream

A shadow of a memory she once had long ago

Getting more distant with each passing wave

I am Your Narcissist …poem

i am your narcissist

I am your narcissist

You are my muse

You inspire me daily

By being yourself

You inspire my contempt

You inspire my jealousy

You enrage my mind

You darken my purpose

I will restrict your freedom

I will confuse your thoughts

I will make you question reality

I will make you question your sanity

You will remember what I tell you to

You will keep your opinions to yourself

You will always check-in with me or else

You will endure the resulting hell

I am your narcissist

You are my muse

It you want to play my game

I guarantee you will lose