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Earthquake Risk is Higher in California than Ever Before

There is a danger of a severe earthquake to occur in California. I have researched several web sites about the reasons for this.

First of all, there is a major drought in California right now. It is apparently the worst drought they have experienced in over 1200 years.  The drought is affecting the level of the groundwater.

There have been dramatic changes in the  groundwater levels in the southern Central Valley. The groundwater levels  are going down more and more, due to a lack of rain to replenish them. This lack of ground water is changing the amount of  stress on the San Andreas Fault.

On top of that there now is lots of rain falling. After such a long drought , heavy rainfall can create more risk for an earthquake.  The rain is causing flooding. The flooding is likely to result is landslides.

Thirdly, there is a man made potential for hazard called fracking.  That is when they use a huge drill to crack into the earth to get fossil fuel out. The damage to the earth’s crust can be a trigger for an earthquake as well.

All of these factors that are occurring at the same time are dangerous.

The city of San Francisco has warned the owners of  300 buildings to comply with a new city ordinance. This ordinance  is requiring the property owners to  evaluate quake-readiness and take actions that are needed.

Most people are complying with the city. More than  6,000 property owners have taken appropriate action to ensure their buildings are up to code.

Owners have been retrofitting public buildings and infrastructure to withstand intense shaking, and passing laws requiring some property owners to evaluate and upgrade their buildings.

Even with all these measures, the damage from a severe earthquake could be traumatic .

The oil companies should probably rethink their drilling based on the rain on top of the drought. Of course they will not because the money is the most important thing to them. Sad.