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Dance Monkey by TunesandI Cover by Annie on Tik Tok

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Original Song – Prison in Your Mind


Verse 1

Darkness settles over you

I reach out but I don’t feel you

There’s a prison in your head

From all the things the others said

Chorus 1

I want to reach out and hold you

I want to make you mine

I want to be your hero

I want to make the voices die

Verse 2

Dark fog fills your mind

There is nowhere you can hide

Cruel voices in your brain

Soon they’ll drive you completely insane

Chorus 2

I want to reach out and hold you

I want to make you mine

You can have my love if you want it

But you are lost in the prison in your mind


We can fight our demons together

Fly away just you and me

Unlock the bars and leave together

Take my hand and walk beside me

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Lyrics and music by Annie Mimi Hall

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Song for World Suicide Prevention Day I wrote yesterday – Everyone is Too Young for Suicide

This is my offering for World Suicide Prevention Day. I actually wrote this yesterday on September 10 which was the day. I was not able to upload it until  today. Enjoy the song and pass it along.