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3:46 am Time for all Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep

Well it is time. I am tired now. I had terrible pain from the arthritis today. There were points where it was a little less than horrible, when the meds kicked in and then it would come back worse each time, It was very hard to get through work.

I came home and I read a blog I came across about suicide. The person was planning their suicide and posting their near to last post. Lots of compassionate bloggers reached out to this person. I read through so many comments by various bloggers who were each reaching out to this person , in their own way.

By the end of the page of comments, the person felt enveloped by all these strangers who took time to talk to talk back and forth with them. They decided to get help for their depression and they are still posting weeks later.

I felt very proud of all the bloggers that reached out to this person.

I was inspired to write a blog about suicide and see where it lead. I thought doing research would be good for me anyway, because it  tends to take my mind off the chronic pain.

I ended up spending about an hour and a half doing research on suicide and suicide prevention. Also on survivors of suicide. I took another 45 minutes or so writing the post.

People started reblogging it within 5 minutes of my posting it. I felt very good that I had done a small part to help to create awareness of this problem.

I had also been able to distract myself from my own pain.

I liked it that in thinking of others, I was able to take the focus of my brain off of my own pain and torment. I think there is a positive energy that comes from connecting with others and that positive energy is healing to both sides.

I will see you all tomorrow. My head and neck need to rest on the pillow now.