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Stigma and Mental Illness

Mental disorder has stigma attached to it. People think of movies they have seen with dangerous disorderly mental characters in them. News reports inevitably bring attention to anyone’s mental diagnosis, when they commit a bizarre or dangerous crime.

They neglect to say that most people with that particular mental disorder are not violent and do not commit rapes or armed robberies , because they have a conscience. They neglect to tell you that 1 in 25 people is a sociopath that does not have a mental disorder….they are just heartless people with no conscience.

A personality disorder and a mental disorder are not the same thing. One of them is a cold person with no conscience… and most of  the other ones are suffering a soul loss (see shamic soul loss and soul retrieval) , or emotional woundings, caused by  abuse from the personality disordered ones.

Highly sensitive, empathic people are subject to deep emotional, spiritual wounding of their souls. Narcissistic societies that are run by psychopathic leaders create situations that can be destructive to the HSP’s.

People with emotional intelligence can confused and mentally broken by pathologically narcissistic families. Then they are thrown out to the wolves who target them, because they can smell blood in the water.

A mental disorder is when someone’s life becomes disordered, and unmanageable, due to depression, anxiety, or other emotional illnesses involving one or both of these ( often both). There are a long list of mental illnesses involving various combinations of depression,  mood disregulation and anxiety.

The majority of these people were and are victims of abuse, chaos, and trauma. …much of which has its root cause in the evil doings of pathological people. Eighteen year old teenagers are sent into trauma and darkness. Otherwise healthy children and teenagers are emotionally tortured by bullies both outside of the home and within.

This is one of those kinds of posts that will end up with condescending comments saying that my opinion is not based on scientific, or psychological facts. I do not care. Knowing this will happen has not stopped me from writing and posting this.

I am speaking from what I have seen over and over and over again. Pathological, personality disordered people break family members, rule society with pathological lying and deception, and otherwise destroy lives.

Emotionally wounded people are further gaslighted and re-traumatized by other narcissists and psychopaths, which are at least 1 in 25 people, and tend to target emotionally wounded people. I have heard one horror story after another from my clients, and this had to be said.

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Blessings to all of my loving followers. You are an important part of what I hold valueable in the world. I hope this post is validating about the stigma about mental illness.



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Hannibal the Series / Horror Movie Story

I am on episode 11 of the first season of Hannibal, the series. I have been watching it on Amazon prime, on my little kindle player.

This is a really great horror, thriller, mystery tv series, based on the book and movie Silence of the Lambs. The main character in the books and also the movie, was Clarice Starling. They did something similar in this tv series in that Hannibal is not the main character, but it one of the main characters.

I do not want to give too much away. The main character in this series is Will Graham, a criminal profiler, who had empathetic gifts bordering on the psychic. He is able to go to the crime scene and then imagine himself as the killer and picture what happened.

This story takes place prior to the time frame of the movie Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal is still working as a psychiatrist and has a private practice. So, he is as yet undiscovered as a serial killer.

This is a very very graphic tv show. Please do not watch it if you do not like horror movies, or are triggered in any way by graphic scenes or violence.

The characters in this tv show are really well developed and the acting is so good that you get pulled into the story easily. There are a few sub plots running that are continuous, but each episode solves one individual murder and concludes at the end. The sub story lines are all excellent and are very psychological in nature.

The story delves into different abnormal psychology ideas and is very interesting from that aspect. The characters each have their own disorders or issues and the psychology element is woven into each episode.

Ok, back to my kindle. Enjoy your evening !