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All Kinds of Bunnies

As most of you  know, I love bunnies.  I love my bunny and all the other bunnies too.

I have written posts about my bunny which you can see Here and Here and Here, in case you are new to my blog.

Bunnies come in all sizes and lots of colors.

There are little tiny bunnies

There a little bunnies that only sleep on their back. You have to watch this video. It is so so so cute and funny.

There are giant bunnies, but I a not sure that I want one of these….??

Giant Bunnies with Giant Babies

There are very very fluffy bunnies that are called angora rabbits. I love  these !

Giant Fluffy Bunnies . How can they see through all that hair?

There are bunnies that take care of tiny pigs…or maybe he wants to eat them?

There are bunnies with little ears

There are bunnies with humongous ears !

And humongous feet !

Long Ears !

Fluffy ears !

Bunnies in Interracial marriages

Bunnies That Like to Smell Flowers

Blue Bunnies

Sunbathing Bunnies

Bunnies That Like to go to the Beauty Salon Before a Hot Date

Lop Eared Bunnies

Strange Looking But Cute Bunnies

Bunnies That go Shopping

Bunnies That Like Sharing Secrets

And of Course My Favorite Bunny of All…My Bunny

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Bunny Dancing Around Annie’s Feet !

Finally I got a video of the bunny doing his love dance around my feet.  I have tried a few times but I never got it to come out.

Everytime the bunny comes out of his cage, he  does this cute little bunny dance around my feet, to greet me and let me know that he loves me. It is so cute.

Enjoy !

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Bunny Hunting Around my Room for the Veggie Straws


This bunny of mine is so funny. I dropped some Veggie Straws on the floor, out of the bag and he ate them. He loved them. He went all around the room looking for more of them.



He found the bag that I had sitting on the floor next to the bed and stuck his cute little nose in it.

I know he should not have too many of them, but I gave him a few of them and then put the bag up on the counter.


He was so cute eating the veggie straws. he loved them so much, I think he would have eaten the whole bag. I will have to watch where I leave it. LOL