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My Little Niece’s First Exciting Experience Going through the Car Wash

I took the kids to the car wash – my 12 year old daughter, her boy cousin age 8 and her girl cousins ages 7 and 11.

They all thought it was fun.

The littlest one was the funniest of all ! Little Jade, age 7 was laughing so hard when the washing things came up to her windows ! She just laughed and laughed because it was such a surprise to her. Then the shower part started and they were all laughing.

Then the blowers. I told them they were like giant blow dryers. The thought that was funny too.

I am glad I thought of taking the extra kids. I knew my daughter would have more fun at the car wash, if we took a few more kids.

I was able to fit 4 kids in my car all together. Kayla , my daughter in the front and Nick, Jade, and Alexis all squished into the back seat. The little one squished into the middle.

So, I had to leave a  few kids home. I told them that when I get the car washed next month, I will take the ones who did not get to go. They were so very good about that.

I do things like that in the summer with the kids. All 5 of these cousins live in the basement apt. of this big house that I live in. Their parents and the 5 kids live there. In the basement is a kitchen, showers, bedrooms and living area..

My kids and I live in the attic, that is 3 floors above them.

It is hard for the mother to take all of them out very often. Their father is busy doing an internship. So, when I go out places with my kids during the summer, I try to take one or two of them and then alternate who goes.

So, they are used to waiting their turn and are good about that.

Anyway, the car wash is loads of fun for kids. It is especially fun if you take a little kid that has not ever been to one. It is  a great activity for under 10 dollars and the car gets clean too!

I felt good getting out in the nice weather. I can’t stay out in the sun too long because the antibiotics I am on say no sun. But a little bit of sun and nice temperature on my skin helped my mood…but not as much as that little kid laughing her head off!