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What to Live For

Live for yourself. Create your reality. Listen to your inner voice. Nurture your inner child and your emotional wounds.

Live for the connection of all living things and for the value of life and existence.

Live for loving others. Do random acts of kindness. Search out special people to share intimate relationships with.  Passion and sensuality are part of being human and part of spirituality.

Live to love animals and nature. Be kind and mindful. Treat living things with respect and care.

Live for your visions, hopes and dreams. Be creative, inventive and original.

Live to fight against evil and injustice. Be the advocate for those who have no voice.

Teach others to be sometimes still, and other times to roar like a lion.


empowerment, life coaching, mental health

Trying to Work my Way to Better Financial Balance and Freedom

My life coaching business is beginning to pick up.  Today (thursday) will be the first day that I have 2 clients in the same day, so that is exciting. I have one google chat client and one Skype client.

I have updated the web site which you can see here

First google chat is offered free. After that I have sessions starting at 15 dollars with no obligation.

With the tutoring job and the Life Coaching picking up I am hoping to get onto my feet soon. I also have 2 guitar students. If I can get 4 or 5 more guitar or piano students then that will be great because they are on a regular schedule. The Life coaching is usually 5 to 8 sessions per client, depending on what they can afford. Some people can only afford 1 or 2.

I need a combination of regular money with the  per diam money, in order to get my income more stable. Since I lost my job in May, I have not had any stable income at all until I got the mother’s helper job, which is about 15 hours per week. That is good but not enough to get me moved out on my own.

So keep me in your prayers and I will keep striving forward and creating the path under my feet as I walk. Life is not easy for single mothers but there must be a way to get free of living in this house where I feel outcast and downgraded.