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Be What You Imagine You Could Be





As you are walking along your path, you can be who you are at any time, even as you discover new things about your true self. You are not consigned to have to be imprisoned by your past, or the story of your life. It does not have to define you. 

Just think of the story as events that happen to have occurred, and things you have been in the midst of at various times. The choices you made in different circumstances were based on your programming and the beliefs you were holding in your subconscious at the time. 

Many of the beliefs you hold in your subconscious brain, are things that were programmed in by other people you have interacted with, by your family of origin, and by society. Any toxic shame you are carrying was brainwashed into you. Self doubt and ;earned helplessness are other things that come from believing that “you are your story.”

You are not your conditioned thoughts. You are not your story. You are not your past. 

You are infinitely more that anything that has happened to you, and anything you have ever done. You are expansive and go beyond this illusion that you have been told is the only reality that matters. 

There is more to reality than you see. There is more to you than other people tell you. Your feelings and intuition can guide you. You must re-train yourself to feel your feelings without self judgement. Your feelings are not your enemy, and they never mean that there is something wrong with you. 

The more you shove down your true feelings and your true thoughts, the more the illusion draws you in. Who says that your inner thoughts about how your reality should be are wrong, or that they have to be approved by society?

What visions and dreams would you have, if you did not fear your own judgement of yourself? What possibilities are there that you tend to shut down, because you fear the judgement of others? What things have you denied in yourself,  because someone else told you there was something wrong with it? 

You are in this life to explore the dreams and possibilities. You can expand beyond the role you are playing.

This pattern of feeling obligated to repeat the same kinds of behaviors day after day is like a self imposed prison. You can be who you are, even if that does not match what people expect from you.

As a child you had imagination and played out roles and situations in a way that allowed you to explore your ideas and your feelings. Society and the people in your life may have crushed your imagination down, and discounted it as childishness. 

Imagination is one of your greatest gifts. It allows you to explore possibilities and come up with creative solutions for problems. Imagination can take you outside of the box you have been restricted to and to mentally explore your own expansion.

Dream and allow your visions to be free. Imagine and create as you desire. Be who you dream of being. Follow your passions and part the veil that has been limiting your potential to be your true amazing self.

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What to Live For

Live for yourself. Create your reality. Listen to your inner voice. Nurture your inner child and your emotional wounds.

Live for the connection of all living things and for the value of life and existence.

Live for loving others. Do random acts of kindness. Search out special people to share intimate relationships with.  Passion and sensuality are part of being human and part of spirituality.

Live to love animals and nature. Be kind and mindful. Treat living things with respect and care.

Live for your visions, hopes and dreams. Be creative, inventive and original.

Live to fight against evil and injustice. Be the advocate for those who have no voice.

Teach others to be sometimes still, and other times to roar like a lion.


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Forks in the Road

This is my late night rambling.  Any typos will be fixed tomorrow. This is a stream of consciousness writing. ….

Sometimes we grieve for a thing we missed out on. This might be a person we thought we were meant to be with. Or it might be a situation like a job or a certain path we imagined was right for us.

But we really do not know what would have awaited us, had we ended up with that thing we were sure we wanted.

Think of a person that you ended up wishing you had never wanted to be in a relationship with. You were sure it was what you wanted at the time, but as time passed it was not what you pictured the relationship to be.

There is also some situation that you were sure you wanted that eventually turned out to be a devastating disappointment. What if you had never gotten it?

You might still be grieving the loss of what you imagined the outcome to be.

There is no way to know if you really missed out on a “dream job” because what you imagined it would be like is probably not how you would have felt once you were in it.

And that person you thought would have been the perfect partner…so much so that you compare your other relationships to that one perfect relationship that you imagine you missed by a hair….

Maybe you did something that you consider a mistake and it kept you from following along that particular path you thought was the “right” one.

While you spend your energy lamenting these imagined scenarios and how well they would have gone, you may be missing the inner voice that is calling toward something much better.

Rather than a loss of great magnitude, some of these things you missed out on may have ended up being the very things that would have kept you from the wonderful things you have yet to experience.

We sometimes feel that we are at a “fork in the road” and that if we choose the wrong path it will completely change our lives. But you are still you even after a seemingly dramatic choice.

You never know where any path will lead or many more moments of truth will seem to present themselves. It could be that you would wind down one path, only to find it ended up joining with the second one anyway, further down the road.

It is important that you know your values and what you believe in. It is also important that you are open to seeing things in a new light, if the facts you come across show you a new way of looking at things.

There are very few, if any, paths  that have a certain right or wrong way…at least not one you cannot correct , change or adapt to.

It is when you go against your inner voice and reject yourself that you get into trouble. You must honor your inner voice and allow it to guide you.

Do not reject yourself for the sake of pleasing someone else.

The sooner you learn to respect yourself and your resiliency, the sooner you can begin to have confidence that whatever direction you walk, that feels right, will eventually lead you someplace where you will be okay.


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Fall Drive to See the Colorful Trees – See Things from a Different Angle

fall trees drivefall tree

fall trees 3fall trees 4


My daughter loves nature and photography. She is 12 years old and has am anxiety disorder. One of the ways I try to help her is to take her for a drive and give her my cell phone camera to take pictures. 

She is getting better and better at photography. She is able to see the art in the nature. As you can see from these photos, she is experimenting with getting different and unusual angles. 

I like these interesting angles. It is a reminder that it is often good to look at things from a completely different point of view. The pictures look different that way because you were not conditioned to tip your head and see things slanted or sideways. 

Sometimes if we have a problem that we cannot seem to figure out…there does not seem to be any answer…we feel trapped… is time to tip our heads and look at the situation from a different frame….a different point of view….

….even the point of view of the person involved…..If we can see things from inside of their head then we can know better what to say and what will get them to make choices that are the best for everyone. .,,,

…Or to see yourself in a different frame….one that shows your true self worth and value….one that does not mirror the identity that others have forced upon you for the benefit of their own agenda. 

You are beautiful because of WHO you are not what you do right or what you think you do wrong. Sometimes things seem wrong because others convince you they are. Try to detach yourself from the beliefs that others have imposed upon you and get in touch with what you really think and feel. 

There is a matrix that you are living in that makes you think that certain thoughts you have are your own. If you can detach from the matrix brainwashing and get into a state of mind that can access your real self, then you can see what really matters. 

You matter and your feelings matter. If you follow the rule that Teal Swan suggests, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” …you will be able to make choices that are more supportive and create an environment for yourself that supports you. 

Being forced to follow what the matrix tells you can violate your own integrity and values. This can cause depression and anxiety disorders. Part of the matrix is that you are trained to feel obligated to certain people such as family and friends. 

You are supposed to be a “good daughter” a “good son” ..a “good supportive wife”….”a good sister”…even when the person acts in ways that injure you….or makes you follow along with things that go against your real values. 

You need to clean off the veil that keeps you from seeing things the way you were meant to see them…the way that supports your well being without judgement of your actions.

Blessings and Love,

Annie ❤

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The Little Yellow Leaf

The little yellow leaf

Floated gracefully

On the gentle wind…

I didn’t see it

I heard about it from a friend

I thought about it for

The rest of the day

What is that, you ask me?

Couldn’t I have found something else

To occupy my mind?

Yes I am quite sure I could

But my usual ruminations

Are not quite so pleasant

So yes…

I thought about the

Slightly yellow leaf

And how it had managed

To hold onto that tree

During storms

Never blaming itself

for the weather or the wind

And then danced gracefully

In the air

Finally free to dance

In a wider space

Without being partially attached

Still not blaming itself

Or feeling toxic shame

For  being attached

Or for being free now

Then landed oh so thoughtfully

At the feet of my friend

So he could tell me

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How Can Thoughts Affect the Physical World? Dr. Emoto’s Experiments with Water

I want to share something very special with you today. This is about the water experiment by Masuru Emoto. Thoughts are our most powerful tool to create, change or to stay in our current state of reality. Thoughts can cause physical changes to our world, including altering the molecules in water.

In his experiment Emoto  wanted to explore the possibilities of thoughts and emotions creating changes in water molecules. The first part of the experiment was to have water blessed by a Zen Monk. There were pictures taken of the water molecules before the blessing and there were pictures taken of the water after it received the blessing.

Take a minute to watch this short video to see what happened to the molecules in the water. You can see that the patterns of the water molecules dramatically change in response to the intentional thoughts that were given.

After the success of the first experiment, followers of Emoto continued to see how thoughts and ideas could change the water. Here is another short video that shows what happened when words were taped to jars of water. Some of the words were kind and others were fear based ideas.

The two extremes of emotional thoughts are fear and love. The other emotions like sadness, hate, kindness, and compassion fall into one of these two main categories. For example the emotions og humiliation and embarrassment are based in fear. The emotions of peace and calm are based in love.

Water has memory and it responds to the vibrations of different frequencies.

It connects with the intention of the thoughts around it. Here is one more video about vibrations that we create with our thoughts and how those vibrations affect reality. Dr. Emoto is interviewed in this video. He talks about giving love to other living things and to any person that you want to communicate love vibrations to.

Here is one last video which is an experiment of water being exposed to different kinds of music. Music carries energy frequencies and vibrations. The water changes in response to the energy and intention in the music.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy.

The thoughts we have affect that energy. I thought that the part of the interview that talked about cigarettes was interesting. They suggested that the warning on the side of the cigarettes causes more cancer because the intention of the words is about danger, cancer, and fear.

Different thoughts vibrate at different frequencies and those frequencies have different affects on the living thing that is near them.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

 The water molecules respond to thoughts and vibrations then the water in our bodies must also respond to our intentions and emotional thoughts. Being subject to abuse and malicious intention causes real physiological changes in our bodies. Being around loving intention and kindness has a positive effect on our health,  both mental and physical.

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Suspended in Time and Tainted or Blessed

As the years pass

we begin to feel the subtle gnawing

at our souls

and in our weary  hearts

that tells us

not to underestimate

the value

Of any particular moment…

Realizing that it could be

Captured in time

And exist in the mind

For many years to come..

It is not for us to know

The power

of any given moment

Or its ultimate effect on our souls…

The power of a single moment

Is in its very ability

To live beyond itself

And what it appears to be…

Merely a fleeting insignificant piece

Of a much greater picture…

But perhaps smallest perceptions

In existance

Are also the greatest

The wisest and most powerful…

For the smallest moments

Can wield power over our hearts

Keep replaying in our heads

Influence major life decisions

Make us take the left fork in the road

And wish we had taken the right…

It is the tiniest moments

That live longer in our minds

Have more influence over our hearts

Have the power to uplift us

Or destroy us

Give us hope when there seems to be none

Or shame us into darkness and despair..

It is not for us to  underestimate

The power of a single moment

And it’s grand ability

To suspend time itself

There is no price which can be assigned

To one single tear

Or passion’s kiss

A split second reflex of a blinded mind

A swift passion swept motion

A careless lie

A stolen glance

An epiphany

A seemingly fleeting second

Of connection




Something that seems forgetable


That can reveal it’s significance

Years down the line

There are no insignificant moments

Only those we choose to ignore

Refusing to give them attention

And yet…

even those moments

Can gain fuel over the years

Etch and evoke emotion

Carve into our souls

Like a blade

Spiced with flavors we never tasted

At the time

when we were less thoughtful,

less wise

Less philosophical

Less tired…

And had more time ahead of us

Than behind us

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A quote a Day for Three Days…Today a quote of my own

They say that if you keep a tiny candle lit in a car that is broken down and lost in below zero temperatures that it will save your life and keep you from freezing to death.


I say that if that tiny flicker of light can save your life in a life-threatening emergency, then that same tiny flicker of light within your soul can save you during times when everything seems dark and hopeless.

Always keep that small candle burning and believe in its power to sustain you.

Blessings for peace of mind,

As always,