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Suspended in Time and Tainted or Blessed

As the years pass

we begin to feel the subtle gnawing

at our souls

and in our weary  hearts

that tells us

not to underestimate

the value

Of any particular moment…

Realizing that it could be

Captured in time

And exist in the mind

For many years to come..

It is not for us to know

The power

of any given moment

Or its ultimate effect on our souls…

The power of a single moment

Is in its very ability

To live beyond itself

And what it appears to be…

Merely a fleeting insignificant piece

Of a much greater picture…

But perhaps smallest perceptions

In existance

Are also the greatest

The wisest and most powerful…

For the smallest moments

Can wield power over our hearts

Keep replaying in our heads

Influence major life decisions

Make us take the left fork in the road

And wish we had taken the right…

It is the tiniest moments

That live longer in our minds

Have more influence over our hearts

Have the power to uplift us

Or destroy us

Give us hope when there seems to be none

Or shame us into darkness and despair..

It is not for us to  underestimate

The power of a single moment

And it’s grand ability

To suspend time itself

There is no price which can be assigned

To one single tear

Or passion’s kiss

A split second reflex of a blinded mind

A swift passion swept motion

A careless lie

A stolen glance

An epiphany

A seemingly fleeting second

Of connection




Something that seems forgetable


That can reveal it’s significance

Years down the line

There are no insignificant moments

Only those we choose to ignore

Refusing to give them attention

And yet…

even those moments

Can gain fuel over the years

Etch and evoke emotion

Carve into our souls

Like a blade

Spiced with flavors we never tasted

At the time

when we were less thoughtful,

less wise

Less philosophical

Less tired…

And had more time ahead of us

Than behind us