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I am still typing on the cell, so these posts will not be quite up to what my usual ones look like. I also have to keep the length down.

I wanted to let you know I saw a lovely movie last night called Barefoot.

This is a romantic comedy about a man who has to go home for his brother’s wedding and needs someone to pose as his nurse girlfriend.

He ends up bringing a newly admitted, lovely patient who follows him out of the psychiatric facility he is working in.

Just what kind of mental disorder, if any, the young woman has is in question throughout much of the movie.

Things are not as they seem to the psychiatrist who initially evaluates her, which is part of the fun of watching the movie.

The character of the female psychiatric patient is so cute, sweet and funny. I found her to be as cute as Julia Roberts eating the escargot, in Pretty Woman.

Just when you don’t expect it to, the movie has a happy turn and ends happy.
I really enjoyed the movie.

The female lead is played by Evan Rachel Wood and she is perfectly charming. The male lead is played by Scott Speedman, who brought just the right mood to the character.

If you are looking for something to watch, I recommend this. My favorite movie is still “Silver Linings Playbook” so watch that one first if you haven’t yet.