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I was watching Friends yesterday on Netflix. I noticed how Monica was laying in Ross’s lap a lot.

I never had a brother, but my sisters and I never  laid on top of each other as adults.

I was just curious if this is normal for brothers and sisters to be all cuddled up at the cafe and on the couch at home?

My family was not affectionate so maybe I grew up differently and do not know.

I was particularly surprised at the scene where she was laying in his lap at the cafe and he was stroking her hair to comfort her for a long time.

It’s not that it offends me. I really like the show. I am just not always sure what other families do and it looked odd to me.

They also seem to talk about sex more than I would do if I had a brother. Particularly about Monica’s sex life.

I have brother in law that looks out for me like a sister. I do not tell him if and when I have sex or if I  am planning to have sex when I go out.

I assume the show is trying to portray a normal brother sister relationship. But sometimes it seems like the line between brother and sister and intimate relationship gets crossed.

I was just curious. What is normal touching between adult brother and sister? And where are the boundaries about talking about sex life.

It just kind of seemed like things I would never be comfortable doing.