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Car Safety for the Cold Weather / Driving in the Snow

Please remember winter driving safety,  if you live in the snow states.

It is important to have your tires checked that the tread is good on them. Balding tires will have your car sliding all over the road in the snow.

You can get a “winterizing check” from a mechanic. They will inspect the belts and hoses to make sure they will survive the winter. If any belts or hoses are old and on the verge of breaking, they will very likely break in the cold.

Make sure you have antifreeze in the radiator. The recommended ratio of water to antifreeze varies from state to state , depending on how cold it can get there. Your mechanic can drain and fill the radiator with the proper mixture.

You may have had all water in the radiator for the summer. The water will freeze and expand. This will crack the radiator and potentially not cool the engine properly, leading to further damage to your car.

Keep extra blankets in your car in case you get stuck. Also keep a flashlight with extra batteries.

Quick note – Keep your foot on the gas while going up a snowy hill.  Drive slow and steady. . Taking your foot off the gas will cause the tires to lock up.

You will slide down the hill into the cars behind you. The worst case scenario is that you will end up sliding backwards into an intersection.

Winter Driving Skills – If you are in a snow state and do not know how to drive in the snow, please check for a video on youtube or some form of instruction about snow driving. Or you can get someone you know to teach you how.

God bless and have a safe snow season