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Honest, compassionate dialogue, in a safe emotional space, can be the first step to healing and empowerment.

Hypnosis  and NLP for Overcoming narcissistic abuse, mental blocks, and negative self talk.. 

What Life Coaching can Help you With

  • Feeling Validated
  • Feeling Worthy 
  • Expressing your feelings and thoughts
  • Self Assertiveness
  • Setting Personal Boundaries
  •  People Pleaser Syndrome 
  • Tendency to end up in Codependent Relationships
  •  Avoiding Relationships with Toxic People
  • Identifying Red Flags of Abusive Relationships

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is all about YOU and guiding you to get in touch with yourself and what you want out of life. I can help you to get in touch with your core values and overcome personal blocks that are keeping you from prioritizing what is most important to you.

Compassionate Dialogue

The first and most important part of my personal approach to Life Coaching is Compassionate Dialogue. When you are in the midst of a life crisis or trying to connect with your identity you need someone to listen in a compassionate way, so that you can feel validated. Feeling validated is very important to personal growth.

Overcoming Mental Blocks to Making Positive Changes

I can guide you into being able to envision changes that you want to make and to overcome mental blocks that may be stopping you from making them.

People Pleaser Syndrome and Co-dependence

You can overcome People Pleaser Syndrome and the tendency to end up in relationships with toxic people. If you have ended up in relationships with abusive, manipulative people, then you might have issues in your past that primed you for being targeted for abuse. I can give you methods and NLP techniques to overcome negative wiring that was set into your brain from a young age.

Self Assertiveness

Difficulty asserting yourself and setting boundaries is part of People Pleaser Syndrome. Your self esteem was probably crushed down by people during your lifetime. The ability to feel comfortable setting boundaries can be interfered with by trauma during childhood and abusive relationships as an adult.

I can give you a safe space to talk and feel validated. You have just as much of a right to set boundaries about your time, your schedule, as anyone else does. The people that are manipulating you feel that they have the right to set boundaries for themselves and you need to feel that you have the same rights.

Disclaimer : Coaching is not a substitute for Therapy

Coaching does not address or treat psychological illnesses.  It is not a substitute for the services of a therapist.  If you feel that you need mental health treatment please seek a mental health professional. 

I am not a psychiatrist, a licensed therapist or a mental health professional.

My Resume

I am a life coach with a bachelor’s degree in teaching from Towson State University, in Maryland.  I also completed graduate studies in teaching, with a total of 16 credit hours and a 4.0 grade average.

I have a background working with patients with mental illness, including developing art and music activities for dementia patients and patients with mood disorders. 

I have 20 + years of teaching in both classroom and private settings.  I have been successful at individualizing lesson plans for each person, that focus on their unique personality, situation and learning style. 

15 thoughts on “Coaching”

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. I have one client I am working with now. I really feel passionate about this kind of work. I have a whole different energy about it than any other work I have done.

      The only other work I had a lot of passion for was working with the dementia patients. But at my job, I only had small pieces of time that I could work with them one on one. Most of the time I was doing other work.

      I feel much happier working with people one on one because of the connection. I am really hoping I can do well with this business. I am also so much happier being able to work from home.

      My younger daughter has had mental health issues and it has been very hard for me to leave the house for 9 hours at a time, four times a week. I felt very guilty and sad and worried.

      If I can work from home most of the time., then it will take a huge amount of anxiety off of me about my daughter.

      Thank you for your support.

      Much love,

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      1. It’s so good to hear of the satisfaction and rejuvenation you get from this type of “work”. It’s your calling and you will have such a profoundly positive impact on those involved. They are blessed to have you in their lives, my friend.

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  2. I hadn’t gotten to this page yet, so I didn’t realize you could possibly help me. I would love to get your perspective on a situation that is arising on the near horizon with regards to my family. I don’t wish to broadcast, so if you could, please leave me an email address. Can’t pay anything this month, broke now; however, next month I could. Thanks! LaVancia

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  3. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for your page I believe that I would do anything to get this help I’m in a very narcissistic abuse syndrome situation with my entire family at this point and it has debilitated me almost completely I would love to have help from you and I am so grateful for your page it’s lovely just lovely.


    1. I understand how you feel. When the family targets you for mobbing, it is one of the most traumatizing things anyone can ever go through.
      My coaching prices for the winter are 50 dollars for three sessions ( for all three) …

      But I can offer you one session for 15 dollars, since you contacted me here and shared your situation.

      Hypnosis and NLP sessions are 25 dollars per session.

      Let me know if you would like to google chat about this. I can do a 20 minute free intake for you.

      Wishing you peace,


    1. Hi Laz,
      I do coaching over the phone. I have clients in many time zones, including Maine, California, France and Russia.

      My time zone is Eastern Time in the US. I am in New Jersey. I coordinate session times with my clients based on what I have available that works for them.

      You can email me directly at for more info about coaching. I do still have some times open this week for a FREE first session.

      Email me anytime to let me know more about what is going on with you.💕

      Sending love and healing,


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