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Complex PTSD

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Trauma during childhood and teenage years leaves fractured pieces of yourself, existing  in time. As you begin to accept those child parts that feel abandoned, you will begin to realize that time is not as linear as we have been programmed to perceive it. 


All of those parts of you exists now. You can reach out to them and bring them into yourself to integrate those fractured parts, so they do not feel rejected and abandoned. 
This will help you to be more in the present, so that you can think more clearly and see what you want and what you can do with your life. 
C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is caused by being in on-going emotional / mental abuse from people that you feel entrapped with. There is no way to leave the situation, when you are a child and you are stuck in whatever situations your parents put you into. 

Emotional abuse and other kinds of abuse cause emotional wounds.


These emotional wounds are not able to heal while you are still in the abusive situations. Usually children are so used to the way they are living that there is no real frame of reference to know that you are being abused, or the degree to which the abuse is. 


Wounded children feel abandoned in time, and there is no proper integration of these child parts into the whole. It is like there is still a wounded child inside of you that is waiting for someone to rescue them. Doing inner child work can help the fractured parts to become integrated. 


If you have C-PTSD from childhood trauma, abuse, or chaotic events, your may have fractures and wounds in your subconscious. This can cause depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and other kinds of mental illness.


The feeling that you do not belong anywhere and that you are out of place can come from the fractured child parts feeling abandoned. They need to be accepted and nurtured. 


I am working on some hypnosis audios for healing the wounded child and helping the fractured parts to integrate. If you want to get updates about the audios, feel free to follow the Facebook Page,or to sign up on the contact page at the Gentlekindness coachingweb site. 

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Time for all good little Insomniacs to try to Sleep

I have had insomnia for a long time now. I am not sure about all of the reasons for it. I do attribute it to PTSD and anxiety. There is also a feeling of not wanting to go to sleep because I do not want to deal with what tomorrow will be like. Things are starting to get better in my life but there is a habit of dreading the next day. 

So I wonder how many other people stay awake to try to put off the inevitability of waking up in the morning. We know rationally that staying up will not change what time we have to wake up or whether or not we have to wake up…yet it feels like we can just stay in the quiet of our room and never have to leave…if we just don’t go to sleep. 

Then we end up sleep deprived and the day is harder than it had to be. As we stay awake later and later, we begin to think about how it will be harder for us tomorrow, if we don’t go to sleep soon. But still…we stay awake and refuse to sleep. 

Once we actually turn things off and try to sleep then comes the next problem. The quiet and the dark are peaceful to some people but…if you come from a background of abuse, mental illness, depression or anxiety…then the quiet is not always peaceful at all. 

In the quiet you can hear the thoughts in your own mind and they can torment you in a way that is hard to explain. Thoughts that involve intrusive negative thoughts, flashbacks, catastrophic thinking, and severe anxiety can become too much. 

So back on goes the laptop, the cell phone, Netflix , YouTube, WordPress or whatever distracts you from your own brain that wants to torment you to death.

So then it is 2 am…3 am…4 am….5 am….and maybe you will sleep before the sun rises because there is something about being awake when the sun begins to show itself …that feels like a defeat. Then on the other hand …sometimes it feels safer to sleep in the daylight than in the night.

If you ever lived in an abusive situation then you can relate to that feeling that sleep makes you vulnerable. You cannot see someone coming up to you…you cannot know if someone is watching you….if you are asleep. So sleep itself can feel like a dangerous thing. 

You begin to wish that you did not have to sleep at all…ever.

That you never had to close off your senses to predators that may approach during the night, while you are not suspecting them. While you are unable to protect and defend yourself. 

If you have PTSD from abuse, it is hard to shake that feeling that being asleep is unsafe…even when that person that you once feared sleeping in the same house with, is no longer a threat. But the threat can still live in your mind as if it is a living thing. 

So once again I bid you all good night and wish you peace of mind…as I wish myself peace of mind too. 

Much love,


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Check out my Domestic Abuse Blog

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As some of you know, I have another blog called the Lovely Wounded Lady Blog. This blog is for the purpose of helping the victims of domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse to overcome their trauma. It is designed to be a safe space for people to share their abuse stories and to find comfort and information from one another. 

Here is a new post that went up today. It is called Narcissists Psychopaths and the Law of Entropy. 

The first post that was ever written for the Lovely Wounded Lady Blog was called A Blog for Women from Domestic Abuse

Since that first post on February 17 of this year, the followers of that blog have increased and a good number of them are men. It is easy to think that domestic abuse and partner abuse occurs mainly with women, but there are more female psychopaths and narcissists than people think. 

It is often harder to spot the females because they are either using their sexuality to lure and exploit their victims or they are home-based women who maintain their “home cult” and victimize their families behind closed doors. 

Most blatant abuse occurs behind closed doors. This is true of both male and female abusers. The victims are often afraid to let anyone know because they do not think anyone will believe them. 

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Abusers put on a mask and are very good actors in front of people that they want to project a certain image to.

Behind closed doors at home they are a very different person. They can be verbally, mentally, physically and otherwise violent. They exploit and manipulate their victims by using brainwashing and fear tactics. 

So if you are in an abusive situation or have lived through it, feel free to stop by the Lovely Wounded Lady Blog for community support and information. 

You can also read my Life Coaching Page to learn more about coaching for healing from abuse. The other place you can find some help and contact me is at my Life Coaching web site gentlekindnesscoaching.com 

I have a coaching plan that will work for your particular budget and time schedule, starting at 15 dollars. There are choices about the method for coaching including  Google Chat (typing chat),  Skype and over the phone. 

You can also check out my YouTube Channel videos about abuse, and healing from abuse HERE.

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