Lovely Blues and Greens with Pink

Photo taken at sunset, in Rockaway New Jersey.

Color editing and enhancement expressing the mood.


.beauty redbeauty indianbeauty blonde.jpg

beauty dark.jpgbeauty asian.jpgbeauty brown

Beauty comes in all skin colors,  face shapes, bone structures. personalities and hair colors. lengths and styles.

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Tree with Night Moon Photography


This is some fun I have been having with an app I have on my cell phone. The app is called Photo Editor Pro. It is a free app and I am enjoying experimenting with the various features. 

tree edited


This is a picture of a tree with the moon behind it. My 13 year old daughter and I took these pictures one night when we were running up to Walgreens to get something at night. We saw how beautiful the moon looked and we really liked that interesting tree.

The moon set behind the tree seemed like it would make a great picture, so we got our cell phones out and began to snap pictures. I love to do this with my daughter anytime we see a great photo opp. She loves the spontaneity of stopping whatever we are doing to take pictures. I have even pulled the car over to the next safe spot before. because she spotted a rainbow or a lovely sunset.

I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them.


tree edited 3


It is interesting how the moon came out bright, like a sun shining in the night.


tree negative effect


Here is one edited to be black and white. This is one of my favorites.


tree b and wh

Some Artsy Fun with Your Earrings !

Here is a fun idea for keeping your earrings from getting lost or broken. These are pictures of the little lamp in my room. I hang my earrings on the lamp shade. They make the lamp look cool and beautiful. And when I need to find a pair, they are right there and I just have to grab them and go !

earrings close nice

earrings close 2

earrings 2


earrings spoone

Artwork by my Daughter

design edited blue


Artistic Expressions of Depression



Mindfulness Seeing Beauty

clouds 5


Photography Effects Christmas Lights

yard swirl original

yard swirl edit 2.jpg

yard swirl edit 4

yard swirl black and white




Beautiful Wharton Lake

whart la

whar lake 3

whar lake

ANgles ColORs

windows double  7.jpg

windows doublw 8.jpg

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