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What is the Meaning of Blogging?



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I had to take a break from blogging for a few weeks, due to needing to deal with a financial emergency. I have managed to begin to recover the situation now, and I am glad to be back here to say hello to all of you. 



I missed the connection with all of my lovely followers, and the gentle clicking of the laptop keys as I watch the words flow out as if they have a mind of their own.


Words can have magic and power. They have the power to inspire and uplift. And they have the power to destroy and crush.




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Some people wield words to brag and give the impression of importance in the grand story of their lives.


Others use words to manipulate and to lure unsuspecting victims to their demise.


 Still others, simply seek to reach out for that elusive human connection, and to convey compassion and deep meaning to the readers. 


And some writers seek to entertain, to delight and bring laughter and inspiration to their readers.


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While others see writing as therapy and a way to discover and express the thoughts both hidden and exposed. 


No matter what, words are a tool that are used by each person in their own unique way. We are all connected in the universe and part of a greater humanity.


The feelings and experiences of one person, can be felt and related to …by someone on the other side of the world.


Blogging is a way for us to hang onto our humanity, in a world that continues to get more technical and where people spend more time staring at screens than they do into the eyes and faces of other people.


 What are  the things that matter the most to all of us? What are the questions and the puzzles that we seek to solve?  


What are the emotions and thoughts that arise from the farthest reaches of our subconscious, when we lay in bed at night? 


Let’s see what you have to say.


Write your thoughts and feelings down. See them flow out from your fingertips and onto the laptop screen. 


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Whether you be new to blogging, or a seasoned practitioner… your voice is needed by someone who is waiting to read just the very words you are about to write.


There is a heart and a mind that is needing to hear just the very thing that you are about to type. So get blogging and keep those thoughts flowing !

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💙Bloggers and Readers from Interesting Places

On my stats page it says that I had a reader from Malta. I have never heard of that country. It is so cool to have people reading your blog, from places you never knew existed.

If this is you, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us something about your country. We would love to hear.

In the mean time I will be sure to look up Malta tomorrow. You see? WordPress blogging is even improving my geography. Lol….💙💕👭👭👭👭💕💙

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What Should You Blog About?

your blog

I have been reading some newer blogs and I have noticed that some people worry about what to blog about. They even become so worried about blogging about the “wrong” thing that it inhibits their natural flow and ability to write.

I have seen that some people are so concerned about what they should write about that they pose this question to their readers.

Usually the readers tell them to write about what they feel called to write.

Some days you feel like writing about one kind of thing and other days you might want to just write poetry or even post pictures that you drew.

If you are a new blogger or are struggling with this question of what to blog about, then this post is for you.

You live in a world where people want to control you, in order to form you into someone who better serves their agenda.

Your parents want you to be a certain way, your boss wants you to act and think in a certain way, and even your community hopes you will conform to their “kind of person. ”

You check in with people about what you wear and what you are doing. You want people to “approve” of you….but at what cost?

How much are we willing to give up, in order to make other people happy or make other people approve of us.

Do the people that complain the most about how we are ever seem to be happy?…even when you try your best to please them?

Aren’t you tired of doing things to please other people?

That is what your blog is for! Yes!! You can be yourself here. No matter what you write about, someone will approve of it and understand it.


Simply because there are sooooo many bloggers. There are so many bloggers that no matter what you want to write about.

No matter how weird you are, boring you think you are or off thev wall you think you are…there is someone out here in WordPress land that will appreciate you for it.

Don’t write to try to please people or try to be someone that will “fit in” . You will fit in with a nitch, a subculture on WordPress.

Just be yourself. Don’t stress over making the posts match a theme or have a logical flow.

Truthfully you could start with a theme now and as you learn and grow as a blogger you might realize in three months that you are interested in writing about something you are not even thinking about right now.

As you come across new interests you might blog about that.

There is an amazing photographer that I follow and one day she decided to learn how to draw Zentangles. Now she has added a Zentangle section to her blog.

A year ago she did not know what Zentangles were. Now she is very good at drawing them and inspires others.

Read other blogs. Search tags you are interested in. Tag your posts by what they are about.

You will meet people and you will grow in ways you never expected. It is open ended and unpredictable.

Blogging is an adventure and you never know what will happen. You can’t really predict what will be going on with your blog in six months, so don’t worry about posting the “right” kind of topic.

Write about what interests you. Write about your experiences. As you read other blogs, you will be inspired to research new things and write about those too.

Your blog is about something. It is about YOU! 🙂

Be yourself. This is your place to let your voice be heard.

It’s Your Blog. It’s Your Voice!

Annie ❤

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Annie is Back !!!


I was released  from the hospital  last evening.

20150429_000450  The white blood cells finally  decided to chill out and I was able to eat a few bites of cream of wheat and a few bites of a banana yesterday.


I was on clear liquids from Sunday through Wednesday.

20150429_000518 The take home directions  for eating are to take it up gradually.  For today I can eat soft foods, toast, and clear liquids.


My tummy has no desire  for anything  more than that anyway. Eating feels like an effort  at the moment.  Yuck.


I am still on antibiotics for a few more days. They were running  two kinds of antibiotics  in the IV, which were leviquin and something  that sounded like flaxa or fluxa something. The take home one is levaflaxin or something  like that.


If my head sounds a little  fuzzy then you have  the idea of things.  The antibiotics  cause some dizziness.  Also he gave me something  for sleep,  which is still making  me feel dreamlike.


I took that sleep  medicine,  called hydrosomething last night at midnight  or so. I missed my 1130 am alarm and my 12 noon alarm. I do not even  remember  turning  them off.

I wanted to go up to work to turn in my sick note from  the hospital  physician. I was told yesterday  that there was a meeting  at 2 pm today.

My goal was to get a couple of hours in, by attending  the meeting.   Then turn  in my ER paperwork to the boss,  in order to arrange my return  to work.

So, I did end up getting there, but I was 15 minutes late to the meeting. It turned out okay because like 3 other people were late. Isn’t it awful to be glad for other people doing something wrong, so that you can blend in with them? Sorry about that…human nature I think…LOL

So, I am back now. I picked up dinner for the kids at Frank’s Italian Restaurant. I have some salad and french bread to eat and I got the girls stuffed shells.

I am able to return to work on Saturday. I have to go to the hospital charity are office tomorrow to turn in pay stubs and other proof of income. The hospital bill must be more than I make in a year, at least. I am thankful that they offer charity care at the hospital I was staying at, which is across the street from my house.


I hope you all have been well. I have missed reading your blogs. I tried a few times to read from the hospital, on my cell phone, but it was too strenuous to hold the phone and I kept kinking up the IV lines. The nurses are not too fond of having to come in to unkink the lines, every ten minutes.

I felt like every time I moved at all it made the IV lines kink and then the beeping starts. Beep….beep….beep…Than you call for assistance and they get to you when they can. The sound of the beep…beep…beep…for 20 minutes is disturbing.

I am in bed reading blogs today to catch up with all of you. Thank you for all the kind words , prayers and positive thoughts that you sent my way, while I was sick.

Much Love,


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Incorrect Autocorrect

This just happened  to me.

I had just finished  writing  the “Top ten List”  post.

I was typing in key words for the tags and categories.

I typed….”top ten lists”

My cell phone autocorrect changed top ten lists to…. “top ten lusts”

I guess the phone is now wanting to give me ideas for a new blog post!

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Top 10 Ten List Random Thoughts

Random morning musings

1. People  can read lists, even when they are having  anxiety  and are rushing through  their busy day.

2. Reading  lists helps the brain to become more organized

3. Writing  lists helps the brain  to become  more organized.

4. See I mean say to organize the yes brain It is working very so much

5. Just kidding.

6. Did you worry about my brain or think my cell phone was acting up?

7. The brain needs to be active in order to keep working  well.

8. Learning new things keeps the brain active.

9. Learning things can be reading  about something,  learning a new game,  a craft, a new yoga posture….a new  love position. ….mmmm..

10. Just trying  to make you smile a little and see if you are paying attention. If I had someone to practice  love positions with, then I would not be talking to you guys right now….no offense ….sigh..

If you do have someone next to you in the bed that is sweet ..go cuddle and stop reading  my goofy post..

11. You might already know but I have issues sticking within the parameters  of a top ten list.

12. No….really…I just cannot stop talking…

13. And I think it is funny to go past ten…Yes I can sometimes  be easily amused…

14. And I feel boxed in, when I get to number 10

15. And freeeeeeee  to go beyond 10…weeee…womp…womba woo

16. I am feeling a bit better today

17. Perhaps  this depression  that has been sucking me into a pit of darkness  lately, is beginning  to lift

18. I could  not have written  a funny post last week or the week before. ..or a few days ago

19. This is hopefully  a good sign

20. Talkativeness is usually a sign of depression  lifting for me

21. So is the feeling of wanting  to challenge  things, like ethical things at work.

22. But then….sometimes  doing the right thing gets me into trouble

23. I end up annoying  the ” normals” who want me to stay in my place….and not to incorporate  creative, innovative  thinking  into my work

24. Probably  good I am off today…

25. I need to be working  for myself  so I will be free to think outside the bix

26. And go outside the parameters  of top ten lists….so to speak…

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Motivating Giraffes

I wanted to share this blog with you. It is by the author of


by Penny Redshaw

I just found this blog recently. I love these little cartoons and many of them hit home with me. This is also an inspiration for those of us, who want to be writers, or who have an idea for a small business. If you have a unique idea, that has the people you want to serve in mind, then you can do it !



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It is Your Blog !

Do you write your blog the way you want to? Do you express your individuality and your personal uniqueness?

Good for you 🙂

It is your blog  and you should write the way you want to write. You do not have to write the way someone else does. You do not even have to write the same way each time.

Blogging is a special kind of expression. It is a way that you can identify and express your thoughts and your feelings. You can explore your values and peer into your own mind.

As you are sharing your thoughts with others, you are also sharing them with yourself.

We spend so much time under the watchful, opinionated eyes of others, that we can lose touch with our unique voice.

We become so conditioned to have to represent others, that it is easy to lose touch with our individual selves. We are more than part of a group, part of our family and part of our society and culture.

We are each unique individuals with a unique set of experiences. Our perceptions and feelings about those experiences, is uniquely our own.

We are told  what we should think and what we should feel, by the media. We are told how to think and feel by our church and our families.

We are told what kind of face to put on at work and at school. We are expected to share the opinions of the people in our church, our neighborhood and our social group.

Too much of our time is spent attempting to live up to the expectations of others. Too many hours are taken up with adapting ourselves to fit into a mold that was created for us by someone else.

We need to be able to spend some of our time,  being ourselves. We need to spend some of our day expressing our unique voice. As we explore our own values, strengths and weaknesses, through blogging, we can form a stronger, true identity.

We need a place that does not dictate our roles. We put on our hats  daughter, son, employee, boss, student. We have stereotypes placed upon us,  based on our race and sexual orientation…even our economic class and our education.

There are assumptions and expectations about what we should think and how we should express ourselves. Even what we should and should not value.

Much of our lives revolves around having to do things a certain way, because someone else wants us to conform to their vision or because others want to control us.

We are living much of our lives to fulfill someone else’s agenda.

Our family has defined a role for us.  We are expected to stay within the framework of that predefined role, even if the role does not really suit us or we are not comfortable in those shoes.

There are predesignated roles we are supposed to fill, in order to fit into the status quo. Society wants us to do things a certain way and to stay within certain expectations of our gender, our religion, our job, our socio-economic status.

None of these roles reflect who we truly are as individuals.

We have to conform to the expectations and the desires of others, to a point.  Some people are more comfortable going outside of expectations than others.

However much we conform in ways that do not express our true selves, we lose something of our spirit. We have to make a living and we have to function within society.

We are forced to make sacrifices of our identity on a regular basis. It is easy to begin to lose touch with who you are inside, when you have no safe place to think, create and express.

The ones who step outside the boundaries of the status quo, have to live with criticism and stigma. The brave ones that express their  differences are often penalized by the system in various ways.

We have to have some time to be our unique selves and to express our individuality, without fear of repercussions. That is what blogging should be for.

The simple act of writing out and expressing your true self, in your blog, is very therapeutic. The fact that you will have readers that understand and agree with you, is invaluable.

Due to the sheer number and variety of bloggers,  there is someone who will connect with your posts and enjoy reading your blog.  Receiving validation from other people, can be healing and can boost your self esteem.

People need a place where they can speak freely and voice their thoughts and feelings.

Blogging is our time to be individuals. 🙂

Blogging is the unique opportunity to speak our minds and voice our opinions. It is the place where everyone is okay. Each individual voice in the blogging world has a place.

Your voice has a place. Your voice is important. Your unique perspective and your experiences has a place in the blogging world.

Your voice matters. Use it 🙂