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Chi Flow , Positive Energy Between the Wounded

All of us wounded people have had parts of our brains disorganized. I think that this has an effect on the healthy energy flow ( some cultures call it chi) . The normal energy flow has been disorganized and is stopped up in some places, like a clogged sink.

Some of us have access to certain parts  of the energy and some of us have access to other parts of the energy. The life force universal energy should be accessible to everyone. It is there but we have trouble accessing parts of it.

As we are communicating and supporting each other on here, we are all tapping into the energy that we each have access to as individuals. Since we can all access certain parts it, we can share with each other.

When I used to take martial arts – ju jitsu, we used to do some energy connecting exercises. I could feel the flow of energy between myself and my partner.

There are lots of studies about how one person can send energy into another person. I will post some things about that sometime.

What I feel is that , between all of us, we have access to all the good universal energy. When one of us is in trouble, another one of us can access that energy needed to send it to the other, and lift them up.

Between us, we can lift each other up and help just enough to get someone moving again.

It is like a team effort of accessing the positive and helpful energies. The more the positive flow is sent between people, the more the clogs can get a little bit unplugged.

This all sounds like a crazy rant but it is something that is coming to my brain right now as being correct. I am maybe not writing it in a clear way, but I think you will be able to feel what I am saying, rather than thinking it.