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Time for all Good little Insomniacs to catch the Bunny and then go to Bed

bunny face

MY HEAD : It is 2:26 am…time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep.

MY HEAD: What ? You have to catch the bunny first?

ME: Yes, He is hiding in the bedroom somewhere. Probably behind the white bookshelf, where he likes to rest.

MY HEAD: Ok, well see if you can get him to come out.

ME: That is going to be tricky. He has his own mind about things. But, hang on…I will try to get him to come out….

ME: Bunny, Bunny ! My favorite sweet bunny, who always obeys Mama….

MY HEAD: No, he doesn’t!

ME: Shhh!

MY HEAD: Go on already…

ME: Bunny , Bunny…Time to go into your cage. Mama loved having you hopping around the room and dancing around my feet while I was working in the kitchen. Mama brought the cage in  here, so you can sleep next to the bed to keep me company. Please come out from behind the white shelf and go to bed. Mama is tired…

BUNNY: I am comfortable here, behind the white bookshelf. I just got all settled in.

MY HEAD: Oh, you won’t get him to come out now. How are we going to sleep?

ME: Stop nagging me. I will get him to come out…

BUNNY: You sound very confident of that. LOL  but I will be a good bunny , I am not behind the shelf. I am sitting right at the bottom of your bed.

ME: Oh look at you ! Such a good bunny. Come on. I will tuck you in. Kiss Kiss.

BUNNY: Goodnight Mama Annie

ME: Goodnight bunny 🙂