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The Shiny Grandma Song

The Shiny Grandma Song…

to be sung to the tune of “There’s a Hole in the Bucket

dedicated to Corinne Pacholski (my shiny grandma )

I have a shiny grandma

dear grandma , dear grandma

Yes I have a shiny grandma

Oh yes I really do…

I have a shiny grandma

Dear Grandma, dear grandma

I have a shiny grandma

She came from Poland…

They told me she was polish

Yes they did, yes they did

They told me she was polish

Yes polish, she was…

I think that is why she’s shiny

Oh grandma, dear grandma

So that is why you’re shiny

Dear Polish grandma

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Sneezing, Sneezulumpus, Dr. Seuss and Daughters Getting Home Late

10 Random Thoughts from the Amazing brain of Annie

( This brain of mine … would amaze some people and frighten others away !  LOL )

1. Okay the week has been horrifying in some ways, but I somehow survived it. I would not say I survived it unscathed, however.

2. My 18 year old daughter just got home from her date. It is 1:30 am. My younger  daughter told me it is too late for her older sister to be out on a date. I guess she wants me to scold her or something. But she is 18 and the boyfriend is very nice, He has been around for a while now.

3. My head is completely stuffed up from this cold

4. I keep sneezing. I have never sneezed so much, It must be the sneezing virus. That sounds like a Dr Seuss character…. the Sneezulumpus or something

5. I love Dr. Suess

6. “From there to here and Here to there, Funny things are everywhere”  Dr. Suess

7. I need to get my table  lamp back from my daughter. I can’t see my keyboard. My eyes are straining.

8. More sneezing…

9. We have made it to number 9

10. More and more sneezing ! I have to go find a tissue !

11. I never stick to 10

12. Ah – Chooo !

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Don’t Let Annie Write Limericks

There was a young woman from Druck

Who really loved only to suck

She sucked on big lollies

That gave her the jollies

And slept with her long hair all stuck

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Top Ten Things You Cannot Do About Annoying Relatives !

We might like to, but we cannot…

10. Drop them off at a random bus station and say “good luck!”

9. Change our phone number, but keep telling them they are dialing the number  wrong.

8. Turn out the lights and hide behind the door, like they do in “What About Raymond?” tv show

7. List them on Craig’s List under the “Please Take … Free…you haul”   section

6. Send a postcard from where you go on vacation and tell them you moved there

5. Have a remote control that plays the CD Player really loud, and hit the button every time they start to criticize you or give you annoying advice

4. Fake a doctor’s note that you have suddenly become deaf and cannot talk on the phone or even hear them when they are speaking directly to you

3. Take them back for a refund !

2. Exchange them for a new hair dryer

1. Change your name and identity and move to another state

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Time for all Good little Insomniacs to catch the Bunny and then go to Bed

bunny face

MY HEAD : It is 2:26 am…time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep.

MY HEAD: What ? You have to catch the bunny first?

ME: Yes, He is hiding in the bedroom somewhere. Probably behind the white bookshelf, where he likes to rest.

MY HEAD: Ok, well see if you can get him to come out.

ME: That is going to be tricky. He has his own mind about things. But, hang on…I will try to get him to come out….

ME: Bunny, Bunny ! My favorite sweet bunny, who always obeys Mama….

MY HEAD: No, he doesn’t!

ME: Shhh!

MY HEAD: Go on already…

ME: Bunny , Bunny…Time to go into your cage. Mama loved having you hopping around the room and dancing around my feet while I was working in the kitchen. Mama brought the cage in  here, so you can sleep next to the bed to keep me company. Please come out from behind the white shelf and go to bed. Mama is tired…

BUNNY: I am comfortable here, behind the white bookshelf. I just got all settled in.

MY HEAD: Oh, you won’t get him to come out now. How are we going to sleep?

ME: Stop nagging me. I will get him to come out…

BUNNY: You sound very confident of that. LOL  but I will be a good bunny , I am not behind the shelf. I am sitting right at the bottom of your bed.

ME: Oh look at you ! Such a good bunny. Come on. I will tuck you in. Kiss Kiss.

BUNNY: Goodnight Mama Annie

ME: Goodnight bunny 🙂

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Silly Good Night Insomnia Poem

The time has come

It’s 3 o’clock

Throw out the gum

I lost my sock

I think I’m done

With all this fun

A poem here 

A comment there

I found my sock

I brushed my hair

This poem rocks

I set the clocks

Please don’t judge

This terrible sludge

I’m overtired

My brain expired

Two posts ago

Thoughts are slow

Sometimes I write funny

Sometimes  I write sad

Sometimes I feel torment

Sometimes I feel glad

This is my good night

I don’t know if it’s right

To torture my victims

With  horrible lines

If someone reblogs this

I might lose my mind

They’ll say

This is an example

of Annie’s best work

I would have to hunt them

And wipe off their smirk

I don’t really know

Why bad poetry flows

From my fingers right now

Where is my stuffed cow?

I need my soft blankets

To cuddle myself

The laptop must go

Back up on the shelf

The bunny was fed

 My words were all said

Till tomorrow again

I’ll pick up my pen

And write something fun

To make up for this one

Good night all my friends

Please come back again