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Original Song – Prison in Your Mind


Verse 1

Darkness settles over you

I reach out but I don’t feel you

There’s a prison in your head

From all the things the others said

Chorus 1

I want to reach out and hold you

I want to make you mine

I want to be your hero

I want to make the voices die

Verse 2

Dark fog fills your mind

There is nowhere you can hide

Cruel voices in your brain

Soon they’ll drive you completely insane

Chorus 2

I want to reach out and hold you

I want to make you mine

You can have my love if you want it

But you are lost in the prison in your mind


We can fight our demons together

Fly away just you and me

Unlock the bars and leave together

Take my hand and walk beside me

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Lyrics and music by Annie Mimi Hall

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Song for World Suicide Prevention Day I wrote yesterday – Everyone is Too Young for Suicide

This is my offering for World Suicide Prevention Day. I actually wrote this yesterday on September 10 which was the day. I was not able to upload it until  today. Enjoy the song and pass it along.



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BB King

I just heard that BB King has passed away. I need to go read some articles to find out more.

This is the link to where I saw this first. I was looking at find a guitar teacher online, on order to sign up as a teacher.

As a guitarist, BB King is one of my favorite players. He brought great depth and passion to the world of guitar. I saw a video of BB King playing with Eric Clapton one time. Eric is my other favorite player.

My father has always been my best fan. One day he was bringing me a used computer that he had fixed up for me. He had loaded two videos for me to watch, as my first experience with my new toy.

One of them was my favorite band  (The Rolling Stones) playing Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The other was this amazing video with Eric and BB King.

My father knows my musical taste well ! Better than anyone I know at this time. 

It was much fun watching those videos with  my Dad. I will have to send my Dad an email shortly to see if he has heard about BB King.

I would like to, and feel obligated to write a post to honor BB King this evening. Guitar players feel indebted to the greats that came before us. We would not have what we have, without them. 

We learned guitar by listening to hours of our favorite players. So when one of them has passed, it is proper to do tribute.

Thank you BB King for all you meant to me and to so many other guitarists that you inspired.


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Guitar Cover of Proud Mary by CCR

Proud Mary was written in 1969  by John Fogerty from the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, otherwise known as CCR.  John Fogerty was the lead guitarist and singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival.  The others members of the band include Tom Fogerty on rhythm guitar, Stu Cook on bass and Doug Clifford on the drums.

Solomon Burke made a cover of this song and changed the style to have a R&B style.  It had elements of gospel and a bit of a country flavor.  His version was played on the black radio stations and made the charts, during the same year that the CCR version was also on the recording hits charts.

John Fogerty loved Burke’s version of the song. He thought that Burke captured his original but also added a feeling of black social consciousness to his version. Fogerty said the following about Solomon Burke’s version of Proud Mary

“Two thousand miles away this man had crawled right up inside my head to learn what Proud Mary was all about. Sure it’s great when someone sings your song, but when he understands it, you listen like it was the first time”  Wikipedia

Tina Turner did an amazing version of this song in 1970. when she was still performing with her husband Ike Turner. She  later was divorced from her abusive husband and went on to become famous in her own right.

There have been many other versions of this song. Personally I love Tina Turner’s solo version of this song the best. I like it better than her version with Ike.

I have sung this song for many years and it has always been a favorite of mine to perform. I sang it in bands in high school and in college. I also performed it solo, when I was playing out in the bars in Fells Point MD. This was quite a few years ago.

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New Guitar With Annie Video – Relax Jam in E Minor for Mental Healing

I have posted a new guitar lesson video on youtube and also on the Guitar with Annie blog, which you can see here. 

This is a special video which is designed to give some ideas for how to create your own music in the key of E minor. There are two simple chords and a variety of right hand techniques given. The sounds of the guitar are explored. Many guitarists are not aware of all the different sounds that can be played on the guitar.

This jam is designed to be different each time the player does it. The ideas are designed to be mixed and matched for a unique creation every time.

The techniques are all shown as well as verbally described in the video.

The mental health focus of this particular jam video is relaxation and individual creativity. The ability to create something that is truly your own, and to make it fit your mood, can be beneficial for helping with depression and anxiety.

If you know anyone who has a guitar and wants to learn, please link this to them.

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Check it Out ..New Guitar with Annie Post – Free Guitar Lesson Video Posted on Youtube and the WordPress Blog

I just posted a free guitar lesson on my guitar with annie blog. You can see the lesson here. 

You can see me with my guitar and hear me singing. Even if you are not up for playing guitar, you may get a kick out of seeing the video. It is not often that we see each other “in person” so to speak.

The song is Leavin on a Jet Plane by John Denver, This lesson is for beginner to intermediate. If you are a brand new beginner with no experience with chords or chord diagrams, don’t worry. I am planning to make a post that explains about chords , how to place your fingers and how to read and understand the chord diagrams.

The bunny is hopping around in here somewhere. I was watching New Girl on Netflix. It is a very funny sitcom. That is what I was doing while I was making dinner. Then I did the guitar video.

I am trying to keep busy with projects being as my boyfriend broke up with me and I am struggling to emotionally get through the week. It was a devastating collapse of my brain for a few reasons. So, I thought since I have been meaning to record some lessons, this is a good week to start that.

So, check out the guitar blog and let me know if you have any suggestions for songs that you think a lot of people would like to learn. For Skype guitar lessons, I can learn whatever songs the student wants to do.  For the blog, we will stick with songs that will hopefully be ok for many people.

I still have a spot or two open for anyone who wants to do a tryout lesson or two, because I am still getting used to teaching via Skype. I will do a couple of more free lessons for people this week and next week, for anyone that wants to learn something on guitar  while I am learning the Skype.

I am also thinking of some other ideas for connecting musically over Skype, but the ideas are still forming in my brain. I will let you know what I am thinking as my thoughts come to me.