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First Insomnia Good Night Blog for the New Year / Carpe Diem / RIP Robin Williams

Well, it is 2015. That is kind of strange to see the new number and that is the first time I have written it.  I am sure I will write 2014 for a couple of weeks anyway, as I usually do.

I know a lot of my readers were home tonight and a lot of you were home alone. I wrote the goofy “Depends” post because I thought you could use something to smile at, even if it was Crazy Annie ranting.

This is the first good night insomniac post of the new year. Rather than make some new year resolution that will fizzle out , I want to talk about looking at things from a new perspective.

What I want to think about tonight, is changing our perspective and looking at things from a new point of view,

Do you remember the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” with Robin Williams? There was a scene at the beginning of the movie where he asked each of his students to stand up on the teacher’s desk. They were encouraged to climb up on the desk and stand there for a few seconds.

The lesson was to look at whatever you were looking at , from a different angle.  The classroom looks one way,when you are in the middle of the room, sitting at your desk. It looks different standing on top of the desk, in the front of the room.

You can see things you could not see from the other angle. You may be unable to see things that were distracting you before. You are now up higher and seeing the room from a perspective that feels powerful as opposed to submissive.

It also was clearly, not a status quo thing to do. Standing on the teacher’s desk would normally result in expulsion from a fancy private school like that. It was forbidden.

So in this simple lesson, the teacher taught the student to consider things from various angles. Look at situations and problems from a new perspective. In doing so, you may discover things you never considered and you may have a different emotional feeling about the situation.

The emotions they must have felt standing on the teacher’s desk must have been very different that what they felt sitting with the other students, while their teachers sternly presided over the class.

As the student each took turns on the desk the teacher said “Just as you think you know something, you have to look at it in a new way”

At the end of the movie the students choose to honor their beloved teacher by a simple act. One by one, they stand up on their individual desks. Of all the scenes I have ever seen in movies, this is the most moving and meanigful scene to me.It is near and dear to my heart.

To truly appreciate it, you should watch the entire movie. But the scene is so powerful that is can stand alone.

Before I continue , I would like to take a moment of silence for the great actor Robin Williams, who was a fellow sufferer in the world. He suffered from mental illness. He committed suicide in 2014 due to not being able to find the right help for his depression. He will be sorely missed.

Let us all find a way to stand on our desks this new year.

I believe it is this that will help us find a way out of the suffering from mental illness. 

As Bill Murray’s character Ray, in Ghost Busters said “All the usual tricks are not working!”

Blessings to all of my readers!