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Will Lack of Proper Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight?

If you are not getting enough sleep, you may also notice that you are having a hard time controlling your weight.

Sleep deprivation has been proven in studies, to cause weight gain and overeating. You will feel hungry for food, at times when your body does not need to eat.

There are hormones that regulate when you feel hungry. These two hormones are supposed to balance properly to let you know when you need to eat and also when you are full.

The two hormones regulating appetite are Ghrelin and Leptin.

The hormone called Ghrelin is supposed to stimulate your appetite in order to have you eat when your body needs food. The other eating related hormone is called Leptin. The Leptin hormone is supposed to signal that you are full, so that you do not overeat.

The problem comes in, when you are not getting proper sleep. These hormones are balanced out during your sleep cycles.

If your sleep cycles are disrupted during the night, the hormones will become off balanced. The same problem will occur if you are not completing enough sleep cycles because you do not sleep for the necessary number of hours.

When you are sleep deprived, your Ghrelin levels go up. This will cause your appetite to go up, even when you do not need to eat. You will tend to overeat because you feel hungry all the time.

Lack of sleep will cause your Leptin levels go down. Without the proper level of Leptin to signal when you are full, you will eat more than the amount you need.

There is also a correlation between sleep and good mental health. Proper diet also has an affect on mental health.

So if you are having mental health issues, you need to sleep better to eat better.

It is no coincidence that in America so many people are overweight and also sleep deprived.

Sleep seems to be a commodity that is hard to come by. We all try to make up for lack of time by cutting our sleep short. But your body needs what it needs. There is no way around it.