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Coffee Lids Don’t Fly – Poem

I get confused following directions

When things are on my mind

I have to ask someone for help

The guys just think that it’s fine

But the women that I work for

Have a different thing to say

They don’t think we should ask the men

For help along the way

Sometimes I get so flustered and

Forget what I was going to do

The guys think I’m a sweet girl

But at work it’s no excuse

A policeman was behind me

In the Quick Check, in the line

My coffee lid flew off and landed

Somewhere over behind

He smiled and got me another

No judgement in his eyes

But the women where I work

Think that coffee lids don’t fly!

They think I am bizarre

I don’t give off that perfect air

Of perfect professional lady

Who never falls out of her chair


abnormal psychology, addiction, addictive personality, mental health, mental illness, poem, poetry, psychology

Who Are They to Say Who We Are?

Who are They to say we are…
too fat
too dumb
too afraid
too uneducated
too quiet
too shy
too loud
too impulsive
too set in our ways
too sloppy
too independent
too compliant

Who are They to say that we are only…
a nurse
a teacher
a stay at home mom
a working Mom
a playboy
a rebel
a womanizer
an addict
a mental case

Who are They to say that we can’t…
change jobs
change cities
change our minds!
get married
get divorced
learn yoga
go to college
learn something new

Who are They to say that we have no right to…
talk to them
confront them
disagree with them
stand up to them
defy them
leave them

Who are They to say that we can’t become…
a poet
a businessman
an entrepreneur
a parent
a friend
a traveller
a lesbian
a mother
a spiritual advisor
a leader of men
a thinker of new ideas
a creator
a visionary