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Rainbows on WordPress

My preteen  daughter tells me that the rainbow going across the WordPress page is not alone. She said that there are rainbows added to many of the sites now, in awareness that gay marriage has been legalized in all of the states in the US.

If this affects anyone in a positive way, then congratulations and I am happy that you feel good about this. I have a sister who is a lesbian and has an amazing relationship with a partner that she has been with for years. They bought a house less than a year ago, and are having a great time working on fixing it up and the yard together.

As far as relationships go, she seems to be happier and more stable than me, so I am happy for her good fortune. She is a a very special, kind, compassionate, funny and creative woman.

I am glad I have a pre-teen daughter to keep me up to date on these kinds of things. I honestly just thought that the rainbow on WordPress was pretty and I was happy yo see it there. I had no idea that it was symbolic of anything.

Let us all live in peace and compassion for one another.

Annie ❤