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You are Beautiful Just as You are Right Now !

you are beautiful

You have innate self worth and you are beautiful right now.

You can make changes, learn new things and progress towards a goal any way you desire to, but your innate beauty and self worth are fully in tact right now at this minute.

Other creatures like bunnies are beautiful just the way they are and they do not need to change or grow or do anything in particular in order for us to see the beauty and value in them.

bunny pink flowers

image from pinterest

The trees are beautiful just as they are at any stage of growth. Their special value is in their beauty and their unique presence.


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tress yellow

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Babies are born and they are beautiful.

baby with bow

They cannot do anything to contribute to the household other than just to be there. They cannot do anything for people but strangers come up to them in the store and want to see them.

There is an innate beauty in life and in living things because of the spiritual nature of life itself.  The possibilities for the new baby are endless. 

People sometimes feel they envy the baby and the endless possibilities it has to become anything it wants to become. But you can still become anything you want to become. Your possibilities are still available to you of you can see reality as less rigid than the matrix you perceive it to be. 

You have an inner beauty as well as an outer beauty. There is no path you can take which will add or subtract from the spiritual being that you are. 

You can follow whatever values that you have and your beliefs can change along the path as you need them to better serve you.

 It does not change the fact that you are beautiful right now, and your self worth in perfect, even more than you can imagine. 

Imagine what wonderful things you can do once you accept your value and see the wonderful qualities in yourself !

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Self Love – Reach for Your Potential


You are special and unique. 


You have just as much of a right to happiness as anyone else. 

Love Yourself

Self love is not the same as selfishness. In order to follow your calling and use your gifts, you need to love yourself for the unique spiritual being that you are. 

You can become depressed from having to resist your natural gifts and skills.

Others will attempt to suppress you from moving towards a higher spiritual state because you are a threat to them. 

When they put you down they are just trying to keep you under their foot. The stronger they react to you asserting your independence, the more of a threat they consider you. 

Do not think of their words as truth, if the words go against what you believe you can do.  Some people will lie and tell you that your dreams are wrong or that you do not have the skills to do things. 

Their words of discouragement are to make you disbelieve in yourself. Don’t let people like that tell you how to live. 

Be introspective and sit silently or however you can interact with yourself.

 See what gifts are inside of you.

What purpose do you feel called towards?

What values are the most important to you?

Follow what you believe in and put your gifts to the test.

You will be surprised what you can do when you go in the right direction of what you really believe in, rather than what other people want you to do.

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Right to be Ourselves

Who are They to say we are…
too fat
too dumb
too afraid
too uneducated
too quiet
too shy
too loud
too impulsive
too set in our ways
too sloppy
too independent
too compliant

Who are They to say that we are only…
a nurse
a teacher
a stay at home mom
a working Mom
a playboy
a rebel
a womanizer
an addict
a mental case

Who are They to say that we can’t…
change jobs
change cities
change our minds!
get married
get divorced
learn yoga
go to college
learn something new

Who are They to say that we have no right to…
talk to them
confront them
disagree with them
stand up to them
defy them
leave them

Who are They to say that we can’t become…
a poet
a businessman
an entrepreneur
a parent
a friend
a traveler
a lesbian
a mother
a spiritual advisor
a leader of men
a thinker of new ideas
a creator
a visionary

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Update on GentleKindness Pages for Donations and Coaching

I have edited and rewritten the coaching page and the donations page. You can see the new versions at the links at the end of this post.  I want to thank the people that have offered their support to me so far.

I also want to thank the people that took me up on my free coaching, while I was completing my practicals for being a Life Coach. You all did so well and I am very proud of you.

If I have already spoken to you via email about free coaching and I told you I had a space left for you, then that is still valid. I will schedule a time for you, Please email me and we will set something up.

The free two week coaching is now closed unless you have already been in contact with me. I am offering a free coaching session as a way to get your coaching started and to give you an idea what you can expect.

This free first coaching session offer will be on a time limit, so please email me as soon as possible to save your spot. The spaces will be filling up soon.

My donations page is available for anyone that want to help support this blog. Please keep in mind that I am single mother and I recently lost my job, so any support you can offer to the blog is greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

Donations Page

Free Coaching Session

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Updates to My Pages – New free Life Coaching page

I have updated my My Journey Page and I also added a new page, which you can see above called Free Coaching.

Check them out and see what you think. They are still under construction, so to speak. I have something I want to add to the My Journey page.

I have to run out for an appointment and then I will ass that when I return.

Lots to do today. I am working on different things on my To Do List for my businesses. As some of you know I am working on getting guitar students.

I am also developing a Life Coaching service, which is explained in the page, that you can click on at the top of this site. Let me know if you are able to click through.

There is a third thing that I would like to do with my time which has to do with working with dementia sufferers. I will update you about that one soon.

I think that the other 2 will be the first to build, but you never know what will happen. Things sometimes surprise you in life.

Wishing you all well. I will be out for a short while.