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I love you from a distance

Just the way you are standing now

Blue eyes so haunting

Smile with slight sadness

Broken and bruised in your past

Strong shoulders carrying the weight

Compassion that comes from

Knowing the opposite

I love you over there

With all the parts to your story

That I added in my mind

Gentle touch of your masculine hands

Ability to listen and understand

Laughter that heals

from the outside in

Heart of an angel

Propensity for sin

I love you over there

From across this room

No need to approach you

Or learn your name

The way that you move

Painted on the canvas

In my brain

I love the parts of you I can see

And the parts I added on

To add one color stroke

Or to remove one flaw

Would be a sadness

I could not bear at all

So I will love you from over here

Watching you with my eyes

Picturing you in my mind

You will forever be my love

Across the room

Loved from afar

life, love poetry, poetry, sad poetry

Midnight Light

The crisp coolness of the night

Cuts sharply against  my skin

The moon watches me silently

Offering a dim illumination of the street

Like a  nightlight  in the darkness

Lighting  my path, but offering no consolation

No comfort  from the moon tonight

No comfort from the midnight light

It’s companionship is not the same

As someone who could whisper my name

And hold my hand to silence the pain

And speak of romance and love again

One step of footsteps where there should be two

I walk through the darkness  lamenting  of you

life, poetry, sensual poetry


Hold me closer for a moment
Feel my breath upon you neck
Lay down with me for a while
So I forget who came before you

Be my only passionate lover
I will be your angel
with the devilish smile
Quench my soul with honest need
Drench my heart with raw emotion

Speak your truth and search for mine
As equal players in the game
Be soft and slow until I say
Cry soft tears and say my name

See how my soul is lost like yours
Injured by damage from the others
Seeking safety in each other’s arms
Seduced by mutual empathy

life, love, love poetry, poetry

Singular Passion

Shall we walk upon the sand
Telling tales while holding hands
Shall we kiss like lovers do
Making promises sweet and true

Shall we dance in the moonlit room

Holding each other’s hearts in our own …

Shall we lay in each other’s arms
Living for the moment’s pleasurable charms
Believing that we can hold on
with all our might
To keep the passion
of the night

abuse, life, love, lovers, poetry


Some people EXPECT,

they feel entitled to what they want

Their lovers are dolls,

Their friends are their puppets

Other people can love and

drink in your fullness,

without even emptying your glass

They pour you good wine,

and cherish the time

that they are given by you

from your heart

Mark my words my sweet darling

beware of the few

who appear to be what they are not

For they will pour you fine wine

while they drink you half blind

and you won’t miss your soul

till it’s gone

They sing a sweet song

to lure you along

and then drag you until you’re destroyed

The ones who say one thing

and then do some other thing

are the ones that you have to avoid

So keep your eyes open

and never forget what you’re worth

dear child

because you are unique

Watch what they do

and find one that’s true

to the face that they put on

for you

abnormal psychology, dark poetry, depression, mental health, mental illness, poem, poetry, spirituality

Drink Me In….

Drink me in

Inhale my scent

Blend with my spirit

Step on into my mind

It is familiar and kind

It is strange and sad

It is hopeful




Listen to me

I have a lot of thoughts to tell you

A lot of feelings to share with you

Touch me

I have a lot of tenderness to give you

A lot of strength with which  to save you

Feel my heart

I have a lot of hope to send you

A lot of compassion to connect with you

Love me

I have a heart that needs protecting

A soul that craves connecting

Support me

I have a voice that needs to be heard

Experience that needs to be learned from

Forgive me

I have mistakes that haunt me nightly

Shame that darkens my spirit

A flame for someone to hear it

Believe in me

so that I can believe in myself

 Be with me

Just  be there

Drink me in

Be next to me 

Be near me

No agenda

No expectation

I Am what your eyes see

And More 

Seen and Unseen

The heaven and the hell

that reside within my mind

My soul is entrapped

locked inside this body

Locked inside this brain

There is suffering within

There is suffering without

Suffering around me

Is felt and cuts deeply

Into my soul

intertwines with my mind

To know my reality as it is..

Breath me in

Drink from my cup

Walk in my mind

Accept my acceptance of you

Love my love of you

Listen to me listening to you

Understand me understanding you

Drink me in

Touch me

Melt with me

In a reality that’s ours

One that resides in our minds

as they join in space and time