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Really Cool Psychic Card Trick – Fitch Cheney Five Card Trick

This is a really cool card trick that involves two people working together. There is a code between the two of them that communicates what the key card (the one they have to guess) is.

There is a little bit of math involved but it just takes a little bit of practice between the two people to be able to pull this off.

This trick was developed by a mathematician named Fitch Cheney. If you want to see the written version that explains the trick you can see this blog post HERE  You will see the whole explanation about the coding and how the first magician communicates with the second one to let them know what the card is.

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Scam School YouTube Video – Magic Tricks and Fun Stuff to Mess with People’s Heads

This video is really fun. They have these little tricks that you can make from common objects that you would have in your house or in your purse. They set up the trick and ask people to try to figure out the method. Then the people have fun trying to figure out the trick to it.

After a few tries and the people cannot figure it out, then the guy shows them the trick and you can see how it is done.

I like watching things like this. They are a great distraction from anxiety and stress that you may be experiencing. It kind of takes you out of your head and into something else that is fun.

This particular one sets up a trick that uses a matchbook with the wooden matches and an Altoid mint candy.

Here is another video from Scam School. This one teaches you a couple of super cool magic tricks that you can perform for people. They are easy but they look hard when you do them.

The first one used a newspaper and the magician has you choose where he cuts a strip from the paper. It ends up that he predicts what the words will be where the paper gets cut with the scissors. You have to watch it to see how this works. Super cool !

If you have social anxiety, these little tricks might help you to break the ice with people. You can do them at home or at a restaurant or a bar.

These kinds of things are great for increasing the plasticity of your brain. Any kind of re-wiring work you are doing will work better if your brain plasticity is better. Learning new things like can actually help with your recovery  and healing from C-PTSD and PTSD.

Because the brain is stuck in a certain loop of thought patterns,  you want to break up the thought patterns that have been programmed into you by other people.

Here is one with coin tricks.

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Derenn Brown Makes Woman ColorBlind Magic Trick with NLP / This is so Cool !

This has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen !! This guy performs a kind of magic trick on this random lady in a restaraunt. He uses an NLP technique to cause her to become temporarily color blind.

The technique he uses involves using placement in the space in your mind of certain kinds of beliefs. He has her picture a non solid idea on the left hand side. Her idea which she is not sure about happens to be whether or not she can do well in her college classes.

The he has her picture a solid belief on her right hand side. He certain belief is the house she lives in and the location of her house.

Then he brings the uncertain idea about doing well in college  from the left hand side to the right hand side. This makes her mind associate the uncertain idea with a certain and solid idea space.

Then he brings out 4 color cards and begins to ask her about the colors and how certain she is about those colors.

And the rest……you have to watch this !!