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Overcoming Abuse – Creativity

I have found that people coming out an abusive relationship with a narcissist or a psychopath are spiritually damaged…like a spiritual rape…

Psychopaths and narcissists usually have no original creativity. They mimic the creativity of others…often their victims.

They copy and imitate other people. There is no true creation of their own.  They seem to target creative people, in order to watch and imitate them.

Psychopaths often steal other people’s creative work, claiming it is their own.

They like to destroy the creativity of the victim…or at least your ability to feel motivated to do anything creative. The lessened plasticity of your brain, makes it easier to brainwash and control you.

This makes the victim more like them…less spiritual and less creative. It is a way of stripping you of your real identity…and keeping you from being authentic…..thus crushing your reality and your self esteem. 

They also often target people with authentic spirituality, and empathy for others. Again, they use you to learn how to emulate having these qualities. Then they strip you of the energies needed for you to be spiritually connected and to grow. 

The accusations of the psychopath, that you are like them, become more believable to you, when you are in this state. They suck away your creative energies and spiritual energies. They lower your vibrational energies, making it harder for you to access any spiritual , natural healing. 

By lowering your consciousness level, the narcissist keeps you detached from being able to see truths that are right in front of you. Your brain is in a fog of confusion and self doubt.

By doing creative things, producing original things, participating in things like drumming circles or any creative spiritual group things you can get back in touch with your creative side. It can be an important part of healing from abuse. 

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Domestic Violence – No Excuses

Violence of an abusive partner escalates. There is no excuse for someone threatening you or controlling you with fear.

If they are making excuses for violence then you can be sure it will happen again. Excuses like drinking too much, they had a bad day or you made them angry are not acceptable. All of these reasons are things that will occur again and next time they will go further.

Living with violence damages you psychologically and breaks down your self esteem. People that control you with fear will intentionally alter your perceptions about reality, in order to make you think you have to tolerate their abuse…or that you caused it.

You do not do anything that calls for violence or even psychological violence like corruption of your identity and self worth.