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Silence Speaks

Everyone just keeps talking
So sure they know “the right” thing to say
Meaningless words, just to say them
Repetitive and cliche

They think they can understand
What is exactly felt by another
But just because we are human
Is not full insight into each other

Sometimes someone is broken or bruised
And grieving things from inside of their world
That others did not experience or feel
As that person’s reality painfully unfurled

Sitting next to someone in silence
Is sometimes better than feeling the need
To say the right thing when there is none
Sometimes it is best to read…
the room

Feel your way softly, with a gentle heart
Not always with your critical thinking
Accepting someone for where they are
Even when they feel like they’re sinking

You can’t force someone out
Of the emotional state they are in
There are times when it is necessary
To sit with the darkness and sin

The darkness can be denied
But it doesn’t change very much
Pain will grow more inside of you
When it lacks your accepting touch

The darkness exists with the light
Don’t force someone into the sun
Silence and just sitting next to them
Is sometimes the closest to being one

We are each alone within our minds
The confines of our perception
What someone feels and what they see
Does not always need correction

mental illness, mindfulness, poetry, silence, spoken word

Only the Sound of the Wind



No people around

Peace to think 

Only the sounds

of the beautiful wind

It was probably making those noises before

Covered up by the all the noise

Everyone calling

Wanting something

Endless demands

Endless interruptions

There is a gentle peace in solitude

If only for an hour

Late in the night

Sometimes I think


is my way to have a few hours

of solitude 

and quiet

The incessant stream of hearing my name

Knowing that I will be interrupted

That the peace will be disturbed 

at any time

during the daylight hours

It wears on me

It makes my long for

The quiet of the night

Finally here







Except for the sounds

of the

Magical  Wind