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Taking Care of Bunny


Time to clean the bunny cage. I let the bunny out of his cage, with the intention to clean it. He was having a fun time hopping all around the room. I got caught up in reading blogs and just let him play on the floor next to me. A few minutes ago, I went to get the supplies for cleaning and refilling the cage.


When I came back into my room, I was checking around to see where Bunny had gone. He was not in the middle of the floor. He was not in his hiding place behind the white shelf. He was in the bunny cage.

I guess he got hungry from all the hopping and playing.He is in the cage eating his romaine lettuce. So, funny. I had all that time to clean the cage without him in it, but I took so long that he went back in. LOL So, now I will have to wait for him to eat a bit.


Then I will start cleaning around him. This  will likely make him hop back out again. Then maybe I can get some new pics for you all to see. My bunny, of course, is the cutest one!

No, I  love all the bunnies! Oh! Here he comes now! He has finished eating and has come out to climb on my lap. Time to clean the cage before he changes his bunny mind. Annie

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Don’t Forget To Love and Hug Your Pet On Valentines Day ! :)

hug your pet

Pets give us unconditional love. They are unlike any human, in that they do not judge us at all, Even the people that try hard not to judge, still have a subjective view of us and notice our faults.

Our pets just love us. Even when our hair is messed up. Even if we gain weight. Even when we are tired ans sick. Even if we do not feel sociable or talkative. They listen to us and respond to our voices. They make us smile and laugh.

They know us and love us, just the way we are. Here are a few very short videos, I have given you here. You can see my sweet bunny and how he gives me hugs and kisses 🙂

My silly bunny is peeking his ears up next to my bed right now…no..whoooop!…he hopped up on the bed with me. If he gets jealous of the computer, he will come sit right on the laptop. (one time he actually took my cell phone right out of my hand and tossed it on the bed! ) LOL    Here he comes…..

Nope, he is hopping around the bed and fiddling with my blankets.

Good Night from Annie and Bunny,

I need to put him away for the night now. Let’s see if he will go in his cage….Nope ,,,gotta go catch him first ,,,LOL

Good Night from Annie and Bunny,

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3:15 am … time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep

3:15 am…time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleeeeeeep. The bunny was running and hopping all over the place in my bedroom. He made up a new game to entertain himself.

I had the cage door open and he would run really fast toward the cage and jump in like he was diving. Then he would run back out again.

The he ran even faster and dove in and ran back out again. he got going so fast that he was making the cage slide a little on the floor and it would make a loud bang when he jumped into it.

he was so funny. He finally wore himself out and put himself to bed. He went into the cage and lay down. This was nice because I did not have to chase him all over the place to catch him, to put him to bed.

So then I pet him and he laid his head in my hand to cuddle for a few minutes. Then I closed the door and he is next to my bed, in the cage, on the floor.

So I have company to sleep tonight. I should bring the cage in every night because I like him there and I think he likes being next to me rather than in the other room.

I hope you all have a good sleep. Blessings to all,